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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6: Secrets

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6 "Secrets" starts out with Carl and Lori feeding the chickens. He comments that the chicks are missing their mother and that she was probably eaten. "Everything's food for something else" he says. Wise one, that Carl.

In the background, you can see Patricia in the chicken hut, watching them. When they look away, she nabs a chicken and takes it to the butcher shed. Where she breaks its legs, then totes the chicken to the barn where she dumps out a sack full of chickens down to the walkers to feed them.

On her way to the barn, the horse that spooked and bucked Daryl off runs across the field in front of her. The smart horse made its way back to the farm on its own.

I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong about them not feeding the walkers in the barn. But, that part still doesn't make any sense to me. Won't they run out of food if they're tossing five chickens at a time in to feed them?

Glenn is watching the barn with binoculars. Maggie gives him a basketful of peaches and he asks her if she thinks that she can buy his silence with fruit. She says, no, and that she brought him jerky as well. Maggie tells him to keep their secret to himself. But Glenn is a terrible liar.

Andrea stops by to look in on Daryl, who is now recuperating in his tent. She gives him a book and he flips through then says, "What, no pictures?" She apologizes for what she did. Daryl isn't mad at her. He understands that she was trying to protect the group, and that if it were him he'd probably do the same thing. Andrea gives him a smile, then leaves the tent. As she leaves he warns he that if she shoots him again, she best pray he's dead. A warning that next time, he won't be so understanding and may kill her himself.

Glenn speaks with Lori about her being pregnant. He tries to give her his share of the beef jerky. He tells her that she needs to tell Rick. He says that she has a medical condition, and that she needs help, she needs someone to take care of her. He offers to go into town for her to get her what she needs. She tells him no, that she can take care of herself.  Glenn admits to her that he is a terrible liar. He can't even play poker because he feels that its dishonest. She begs him to keep it quiet.  He says that he will, but that she shouldn't have to go through it alone.

Shane and Rick are looking at the map, deciding where to go to look for Sophia. Jimmy tells them that the area they are looking at is a housing development that was just finished. Glenn brings them peaches, and is acting really weird. He stands there, staring at them. Shane reminds him that he has his binoculars.

"Oh yeah, here," Glenn says and hands them over to him. He isn't good at keeping secrets, and the more he tries to act like there is something wrong, the more he gives himself away. Shane and Rick notice, but don't say anything. Rick tells him that after what happened with Daryl that he doesn't want anyone going out alone anymore. They are to search for her in pairs of two. Shane agrees, but he isn't sure who to take. Rick tells him to take the one who proves themselves the best shot after they have shooting practice.

Carl is leaning against the RV, sharpening the end of a stick. Shane approaches him and Carl asks him if he can teach him how to shoot a gun. Shane isn't sure that he should. He doesn't want to go against his parent's wishes. Carl asks him to convince his mom and dad to let him shoot. Shane says that he'll try. As Carl walks away, Shane asks him to show him what he's hiding. Carl lifts his shirt to show him a revolver tucked in his pants.

Shane lets Rick know that Carl is carrying a gun. Lori and Rick are upset. She wants to know how he got a hold of such a thing. Dale thinks that it's his fault. He let Carl into the RV to fetch something and he must've picked it up when he was looking around. This angers his mother. Carl not only had a gun, but he lied to them as well.

Rick understands. He believes that it's in Carl's best interest to learn how to shoot. Lori doesn't feel right about it; Carl was shot, and now he wants to learn how to use a gun. Rick tells her that it's better for Carl to learn how to use a gun than for him to become afraid of them after being hurt by them. Shane can teach him how to respect a gun. Carl speaks up and says that he knows that they are not a toy and he apologizes for lying to them. He wants to learn so that he can help protect the camp, and join their ongoing search for Sophia. Lori, reluctantly agrees to let them take him with them to shooting practice.

Patricia (Otis's wife) and one of Hershel's daughters walk up and ask if they can come as well. They want to learn how to shoot to protect the farm. Rick says that he'll have to clear it with Hershel (as Hershel requested in the last episode) she tells him that they did. Patricia says that Otis was the only one that knew how to shoot, so now they are without a gunman on the farm. Rick allows them to go with them.

They ask Glenn if he is coming with them and he says that Dale wanted him to stay and help him with the spark plugs on the RV, that he needs to learn car repair. Dale pops up and says that he's right there, so he doesn't have to look for him. As soon as they drive away Dale asks Glenn what this is all about. Glenn tries to tell him that he knows something that someone else shouldn't know. Dale tells him to get to the point so Glenn blurts out that there are walkers in the barn and that Lori is pregnant.

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Andrea displays her new found shooting skills (looks like she practiced after shooting Daryl), landing three in the O of the No Trespassing sign on the fence. Rick jokingly tells Shane that she's ready for his advanced class. Shane agrees. Andrea says to Shane, "I see you decided not to leave us. Something change your mind?" and then walks away. Shane pauses and watches Carl and its clear he decided to stay for him. He still believes that he is the only one that can protect Carl and Lori.

Dale goes to speak with Hershel in the horse stables. Hershel is tending to the returned horse. Dale mentions that he went out for a walk today, and that he found himself over by the barn. And that he heard the moans from inside. Hershel gives him a warning look, and tells him to stay away. Dale asks him why. Hershel saw what people were doing to the walkers on the TV before all broadcasts stopped. He didn't want to dehumanize them. Dale attempts to understand, tells him that they could help him reinforce the barn, to keep everybody safe. Hershel believes that it is safe. Dale doesn't want to offend, but he saw the pictures on the TV as well. Those people are dangerous. They aren't just infected. He has seen people die, then get up and kill. They are no longer the people they used to be. Hershel gives him a dark look and tells him that his wife and step-son are in the barn. Dale understands then that Hershel doesn't want to "kill" them because he doesn't want to treat them like the monsters they are.

Dale offers to tell Rick, that he would understand, they could help out and Hershel tells him not to. That if he wants to help, that he should keep this to himself. Rick may be a reasonable man, but there are some people in his camp that are not nor would they understand why he didn't want to kill them.

Hershel then goes out mending a fence. Lori approaches him and thanks him for his hospitality and offers to help with anything he may need. Hershel tells her that he expects that they'll be moving on soon, seeing as how her boy is now on the mend. Stunned, Lori says nothing and walks away.

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Shane and Andrea are in the woods. He is trying to teach her to shoot a moving target, and is swinging a log on a rope. Shane is aggravating her, saying things that would upset her to try and teach her to shut down her emotions and just shoot. But when he tells her to imagine that its the walker that got Amy, it's too much for her, and she walks away- furious.

Lori approaches Rick and tells him what Hershel just said to her. That he expects them to leave. Rick tells her that he already knew that and she demands to know just when he was going to tell them. Lori is terrified of having to go back out on the road. Rick tells her that he'll protect her and Carl, that no matter what happens, they'll get by.

Shane drives after Andrea, and tries to give her a lift back to camp. She refuses, so he drives and stops the car in front of her. She doesn't want to have anything to do with him. So he gets out and walks after her. He says that he apologizes for going too far. He just wanted to get her to acknowledge her emotions and learn how not to let them control her. He then asks her to go with him to look for Sophia. He wants her to watch his back--just like she offered a few episodes ago. Andrea smiles, and agrees to go with him. Satisfied that someone is finally taking her seriously.

Dale is cooking SPAM (yum) and notices Lori walk over to the fire, then run away, about to throw up. Dale follows her and tells her that his wife was pregnant once, but she miscarried. He remembers that when she was pregnant she couldn't stand the smell of cooking meat. She loved to eat it, but it made her nauseous. At Thanksgiving she couldn't even stand the smell of the turkey and couldn't be in the house for two days until the scent cleared up. Lori asks him if Glenn told him, and he says no. He figured it out for himself.

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She admits that she draws on her good memories to give her hope and strength. That Carl's well of memories is about run dry. What would bringing a child into the world like the one they're in do to it? How could she raise a child in a hopeless world full of fear, pain and suffering? He tries to reassure her that there is still beauty and hope in the world. She doesn't believe this and asks him if he thinks the baby will be able to grow up, have a happy life and make it to be as old as he is and able to die happy? Dale, shocked, cannot answer.

Lori approaches Glenn and tells him that she does need his help. She asks him if he can return to the pharmacy and get something for her, and he agrees. Lori hugs him, taking him for surprise and he tells her that she doesn't have to do this alone.

Maggie joins Glenn and won't speak with him the horse ride over to the pharmacy. He tries to get her to talk. Maggie is pissed because he betrayed her trust. He told Dale about the walkers in the barn. Dale confronted Hershel, her father, about it and that he is angry with her because of it. Glenn asks her if she believes that he is right about the walkers? Hershel believes that the walkers are sick. She tells him to stop calling them that. He asks what to call them, and she replies, "Mom, Sean, Mr. and Mrs. Fischer, Lacy, Duncan." She still sees them as people. Not monsters.

They enter the pharmacy and Maggie is angry that Glenn won't tell her what they returned to the pharmacy for. He gives her the list and asks her to help him look for it. Furious, she goes to the back into the pharmacy storage and starts digging around for the item. In her anger, she doesn't realize that there is a walker in the back. She reaches for a bottle and the walker's arm shoots out and grabs her. Maggie screams. Glenn panics, rips a shelf off the wall and leaps over the pharmacy counter. He thwacks the walker with the shelf, slicing its neck open on the metal edge of the shelf. The walker's head is hanging by a thin piece of skin on its shoulders. The head flops over to one side as it gets back up. Maggie screams. Glenn takes out his machete and bashes its head in. He asks her if she is hurt. She isn't. Just in shock. She grabs him and cries.

Maggie saw it get back up when it should've been dead. She knows that there isn't something right. But won't go against her father's wishes.

Shane and Andrea arrive at the subdivision. Andrea asks Shane if Sophia made it this far, she must be all right, don't you think? Shane hopes so.

Maggie confronts Lori, throwing a fit over the fact that she sent them to get abortion pills. Glenn runs after her, telling her that it's not cool that she yelled at her like that. Maggie is pissed, because Glenn is smart, but really stupid. He lets the others use him as an errand boy, when he's smart enough to be a leader. He shouldn't be the one that is sent out all the time. She thinks that to the group, Glenn is nothing more than an errand boy, walker bait, and nothing more. (Maggie now refers to them as walkers, so that must mean that she has changed her mind.)

Andrea and Sophia enter a house, looking for Sophia. We see the aftermath of a walker attack. Piles of dead corpses. In the garage there are more that were burned up.

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Sophia was never there. As Andrea says that she doesn't know how to tell Carol that it's just another dead end, a large group of walkers starts coming under the open garage door.

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They run out of the house. Andrea's gun jams. Shane lets a walker approach her and tells her to clear her gun of the round and focus.

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Just as the walker is close enough to touch her, she manages to shoot it. Andrea then realizes that she can focus, and begins making a series of head shots, dropping walkers as they make it over to the car.

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Lori apologizes to Glenn. She saw the blood on Maggie's shirt and realizes that they ran into a walker. She realizes that she selfishly put him in danger. Glenn doesn't see it that way. He did offer to go. He just thinks that he should've gone alone, like he used to. Glenn asks Lori if the morning after pills will work. She doesn't know. She doesn't even know if she wants to use them.  Glenn gives her a bottle of prenatal vitamins, just in case, giving her a choice to make. He once more tells her that she shouldn't have to go through this alone, that it's not just her choice to make, that it's Rick's as well. He isn't going to tell her what to do, but believes that she should speak with her husband about it.

On the drive back to camp, Andrea reaches over and gropes Shane. He stops the car and tells her to come on. Andrea straddles him and they start kissing. They have sex in the car.

Lori takes a handful of the morning after pills. Just after swallowing them, she runs out of the tent and sticks her fingers down her throat, forcing herself to throw them up. She is fighting with herself over her instincts, and what her fears are driving her to want to do (i.e. get rid of the baby).

Dale approaches as Andrea and Shane arrive back at the farm. Dale has been around long enough to know the look that passes between them. He asks her what happened out there. She just smiles. Carol isn't upset that they didn't find Sophia, and takes Andrea to clean up. Dale walks after Shane and tells him that maybe it's time for him to leave. Shane asks if he's mad about Andrea. Dale tells him that he's looking out for the group. He saw what he's capable of; he witnessed Shane hold a gun up and take aim at Rick in the woods- he hasn't forgotten it. He knows that Shane did something to Otis that got him killed. He knows the kind of man he is.

Shane, knowing that he's been found out, tells him that he loves Rick like he's his own brother. He then says to Dale that if he thinks that he's capable of killing someone he cares about that much, what does he think he'd do to him? Realizing that he confronted a cold blooded killer, and that he was right, Dale just stares at him, terrified. He knows that Shane is going to do something bad, and soon.

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Rick enters his tent and comes across the packets of morning after pills. He finds Lori sitting in the field by herself. He is pissed. He asks her if there is something that she needs to tell him. She says, "We can't leave. I'm pregnant."

After all she went on about him keeping things from her, she's been keeping the fact that she's pregnant from him. How could she ask Glenn and not tell him about it?

They argue. He doesn't believe her that she threw up the pills. She did. She messed up. She's scared. He tells her that they can make it work. They'll figure it out. She wants the baby, that much is obvious.

She isn't sure if she can do it, raise a child. A baby will put them in danger, that it wouldn't be right. But not giving it a chance to live isn't right either. Rick tells her that he can't live like that anymore and asks her if there is anything else that she hasn't told him. She replies, "Shane and I."

He just nods and looks away. He knew all along. She thought that he was dead. He knew that they were sleeping together. The world went to hell and she thought he was dead, right? she nods, crying.

He isn't mad. Upset, but willing to forgive her and Shane for her infidelity. At least, that is how the episode ends.

At the end of the episode we are left with:

Still no Sophia. The search for her continues.

The walkers are still in the barn. They are being fed live chickens with broken legs by Patricia. Poor chickens.

Daryl and T-Dog are recovering from their injuries.

Dale has a backbone and isn't afraid to confront people-- making compromises when he feels he can, and out-right telling Shane to leave before he hurts someone. Dale knows that Shane killed Otis. Will he tell the others about it?

Andrea and Shane hooked up, but for how long is anyone's guess.

Maggie cares deeply about Glenn and doesn't want to see him get hurt.

Lori and Rick talk about the secrets she's been keeping, and she decides to keep the baby. She insisted when Dale asked that it is Rick's, not Shane's.

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