About Cassie Carnage

Cassie Carnage. Horror connoisseur. She who types too fast for her computer, and shall one day cause her keyboard to catch on fire. Lover of cats and monsters. 

My Mission

To help authors become THE BEST that they can be. To help readers find books that they will love, and to turn them into loyal fans, for life.

My Goal

When I was a kid, reading books helped me get through the worst parts of my life. Between growing up with an emotionally and physically abusive family, moving from one end of the state to the other, and not having a lot of friends, the only place I could turn to, to escape the awful existence I was in, was books. 

Reading horror books and watching horror movies helped me to safely experience and express the dark emotions caused by my abusive family. It was a catharsis. And there were some points in my teens, where horror books were the only things I had to keep me going. 

They gave me something to look forward to. Kept me alive when nothing else would.

So now, I want to write books that will help people do the same. 

My goal is to write books that will help people cope with the real-life terrors in the world. That will help them escape their lives, if only for a few hours at a time. Because the time spent reading, is time spent away from the stress, anxiety, and pressure of their daily lives. And it gives them a safe way to experience and express those dark emotions, without hurting anybody (including themselves). 

Why Horror?

Horror is a safe place to explore the worst of humanity, without harming a single soul. That and it's just plain fun to write! It's what I am naturally drawn to. I've always had an affinity towards the macabre; it's a beautiful, grotesque thing that bares the dark heart of our natures for the entire world to see. And I think that it is an important art form. Without darkness, we cannot see the light. Without horror, we can not see true beauty and appreciate it for what it is.

At the core of horror, is hope. Hope that the monster will be slain. Hope that the heroes will pull through and survive. Hope that they will become stronger for surviving it.

I want to bring more hope into the world. And to teach people that if they are strong enough to survive what they are going through right now, then they are some of the strongest people in the world. There's a power in that. In being a survivor. And it is a running theme in all of my books.

That is why I write horror.