Monday, January 16, 2017

Here's a Free Preview of Black Hearts and Bloodied Lips

The night was eerily quiet.

Dead leaves skittered across the pavement in a small gust of freezing air.

Maple trees lined the broken driveway; we were using them for cover as we waited for signs of activity.

The street lights were all busted out. Even if they were intact, they wouldn’t have been running. Electricity had been cut off to this suburb last year during reclamation efforts. No use sending power to an area completely infested with vampires.

The old mansion sat atop of a hill. It had been converted into a funeral home, and was used right up until the blood suckers took over.

There was something about it that was just, wrong.

The building was desolate and empty, yet something still stirred within its musty halls.

I felt as though we were being watched from its dirty windows. But by what, I couldn’t tell.

It was just creepy the way it stood at the top of the hill, a massive white hulk looming in the dark, watching, waiting for the right moment to strike, as though the house itself were alive.

If our Intel was correct, we were about to go and steal something very valuable from a rookery of vampires. If not…well, we just might find ourselves going up against something that two people couldn’t handle on their own. And if that was the case, we were screwed.

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