Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Marble Hornets' Slenderman Movie to be Filmed this Spring!

"Marble Hornets" is by far the best Slenderman video series on Youtube, probably because it was the first one ever made. The scares that the videos generate are better than most big budgeted Hollywood horror movies that I've seen in recent years. So it's with great delight and giddy anticipation that I proudly announce that the creators of "Marble Hornets," (Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage and Tim Sutton) have finished talks with Mosaic and have sealed the deal to help create a major motion picture based on their highly successful Youtube video series.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Will Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon Die in this Season of 'The Walking Dead?'

The actors of "The Walking Dead" are living in constant fear of getting that dreaded phone call from the writers letting them know that their character is about to die, and that they're being sent to zombie school.

Both Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) have stated that they are terrified that their characters will be killed because, "No one is safe." With very few members of the original cast still on the show, it's no wonder that they are afraid that they will be the next ones to go.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Watch the Bonus Segment From this Week's Episode of 'Talking Dead'

Want to know what happens after the live feed of "Talking Dead" ends? Well look no further. You can watch an extra six minutes of the show as Chris Hardwick, Kevin Smith and Steven Yeun discuss Episode 309 of "The Walking Dead," "Suicide King," right here! Check it out!

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top Six Reasons Why Andrea is the Most Hated Villain of 'The Walking Dead'

There's one woman on "The Walking Dead" that we all love to hate, and boy to we hate her. She is someone who is even more incompetent than Lori Grimes, she causes more conflict and creates more trouble for herself than even Carl the rambunctious walker poker, she is Andrea.

While no one has ever talked about it, the truth is plain as day, Andrea is one of the most hated villains of "The Walking Dead." Here's six reasons why.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Warm Bodies' Event with Isaac Marion

This evening Good E-Reader held a Spreecast with Isaac Marion, the author of the zombie novel "Warm Bodies," which is now a movie that is currently playing in theaters. Watch the Spreecast below and learn about zombie fashion, hear an awesome song about zombies, watch Tim Miller plug his cool "Hand of God" T-shirt, and learn about how Isaac feels about cats, romance novels, and fan-fiction.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Watch the Official Teaser Trailer for New Slender Man Game 'Slender: The Arrival'

"Slender: The Arrival" is a new Slenderman game by Parsec Productions that was written by the Marble Hornets team. It is the sequel to "Slender: Eight Pages," and it's going to be incredibly scary.

The game's publisher, Blue Isle Studios, announced last week on February 3, 2012 that pre-orders for the PC version of the game will start very soon. Anyone who pre-orders the game gets instant access to the Beta test of the game (the playable demo of the game, which happens to be the updated version of the forest from "Slender: Eight Pages). 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Think You've Seen all of the 'Children of the Corn' Movies? Think Again.

Upon wandering through the Internets the other day, I came across a little gem of a short film on Youtube called "Disciples of the Crow "(aka "The Night of the Crow). It was made in 1983, one year before "Children of the Corn."

Like "Children of the Corn," the short film's script was based on a story written by Stephen King, and in my opinion, it's far better than the Linda Hamilton movie-- even if that one does have some great quotes from it. ("OUTLANDER!")

This short Stephen King adaptation was originally released on a VHS with the movie "The Night Waiter." It can now be found on "Contes Macabres," a French DVD.

What I like about this version of the Stephen King story is that it is tightly paced with a palpable high tension between the characters. The young couple that accidentally drives into the dark heart of corn country argue with each other with a biting ferocity that is very convincing; you can tell that they've been on the road for far too long and are weary of their travels.

There's also the little things, such as the corn-cob handled sacrificial dagger, the corn kernel bracelets, and the drinky crow idol that the children worship and give oblations to, that give the town of  Jonah a more sinister character than it's feature length counterpart.

My favorite is the "bible" that Burt finds in the town's church. The artwork in it is fantastic, and really sets the tone for the doom that is to come.

Watch "Disciples of the Crow" below!

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Friday, February 1, 2013

'The Walking Dead' Returns to TV Sunday, February 10th

When we last left off, Glenn and Maggie were rescued by Rick, Daryl and Michonne. During their way out of Woodbury, Daryl was captured. Now, Daryl and Merle are about to be killed, thanks to Merle's stupidity. Merle lied about killing Michonne,and  unfortunately for him, the Governor discovers this when he is ambushed by Michonne in his own home. The attack resulted in him losing his eye and his walker daughter.

I can't wait to see what happens next!

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