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'American Horror Story: Asylum' Episode 2 'Tricks and Treats'

"Tricks and Treats" begins with the lovely Jenna Tatum hysterically running away from Bloody Face while she attempts to find her lover's cell phone in order to call for help. She is chased into the room where her hubby had his arm ripped of, and manages to get the phone just as Bloody Face stabs the love of her live to death. Well, sort of.... Even after being repeatedly stabbed in the chest, and bleeding profusely from the gaping wound where his arm used to be, he manages to muster up enough strength to body check Bloody Face later on in the next episode. Must be all that adrenaline.

Back in the past, Lana Lang's lesbian lover Wendy is sobbing into a handkerchief,  bemoaning the fact that she was so easily badgered into signing a legal document to have Lana admitted into Briarcliff. Her friends convince her to recant her signature and get Lana out of the asylum. That night Wendy leaves all of her windows wide open while she goes and takes a shower. Whatever possessed her to do so when there is a maniac killer on the loose murdering women in their homes is beyond me.

Shortly after walking out of the shower, Bloody Face kills her. Yeah. Didn't see that one coming.

Meanwhile, Lana has been busy writing on scraps of paper the events that are taking place in the asylum. Sister Jude steals her notes and Lana tells her that even though they are gone, she will still remember what she sees. So, Sister Jude tells Dr. Arden to give her electroshock therapy to cure her of her vile lesbianism, to make her forget.

 Ummm.... The writers do know that electroconvulsive therapy only causes the patient to forget the actual event of being shocked and once the confusion subsides for the most part their memory is intact, right? Typically, most people tend to recall events that occurred during the weeks prior to treatment, but there are cases where retrograde amnesia does occur. I'm betting that's what the all-knowing and all-powerful Sister Jude is counting on. This is yet another example of the ill-informed and often fictitious medical practices that keep occurring on this night time soap opera.

Sister Mary Eunice feeds the mysterious creatures in the woods and then asks Dr. Arden about them. She gets no real answer, but he does give her a candied apple and has to convince her to eat it. Yeah, real subtle with the symbolism there guys.

It's clear that Dr. Arden is crushing on the nun pretty hard, but not in the sexual way. At least, not yet.

Afterward, Shelley the nymphomaniac, throws herself on Dr. Arden, begging him to let her go outside for 15 minutes in return for sexual favors. He smacks her around pretty good, calls her a whore and a slut, etc. Shelley yells at him about how unfair it is that a man can sleep around but a if a woman sleeps with more than one guy at a time she's crazy and a deviant. It is revealed that her husband had extramarital affairs and wouldn't sleep with her anymore, so she got several men to join her in bed. When her husband found out, he had her committed. Nice guy.

Lana joins Grace in the hydrotherapy room after her encounter with electricity. Grace is naked and looking out the window wistfully,  which of course, is Lana's only weakness. Well, that and her utter stupidity. But we'll get to that soon enough.

Lana tells Grace that there's a way out of the asylum, there is a secret tunnel that leads out into the forest that Sister Eunice used to bring her into the place. Grace agrees to go with her, as long as she can take Kit, whom she believes is innocent. Lana doesn't trust Kit. She thinks he's a serial killer and doesn't want him to tag along.

Later that night, Dr. Arden invites a whore to his house. He prepared dinner and suggestively cuts a bloody roast while talking to her about intellectual things, like music and fine wine. The whore refuses to drink or eat with him and tells him she doesn't do that so that she can keep her wits about her. Finally, someone with some freaking common sense!

Arden wipes the lipstick off her face and demands that she act more lady like. She complies, and when asked to change into a nun's habit, she goes to his room and does so. While changing, she digs around in the boxes on his dresser and uncovers a pile of photos of women that were tied up and mutilated. Looks like Dr. Arden is a sadist, and a serial killer. Hmm....

She also picks up a button or cuff link and looks at it, but hastily drops it when he walks into the room. Upon being discovered, he attempts to stop her from leaving. The brave girl kicks him hard in the groin and makes a hasty retreat. Hopefully to report him to the police. Heh.

Dr. Thredson meets with Kit to give him a psychiatric evaluation in order to determine if he is sane enough to go to tiral. Kit tells him that he isn't crazy, that aliens killed the women, and that his wife Alma isn't dead. Thredson tells him that he is insane and lets him go.

On his way out, Dr. Thredson goes to speak with Sister Jude about the deplorable conditions of the asylum. She tells him that it's none of his business as to what goes on here, and that the patients are under her care, not his. Which is incorrect. Dr. Thredson is a state sanctioned psychiatrist, meaning, he works for the government. He witnessed brutal abuse, torture, and unsanitary living conditions. He sure as hell could shut that place down, with one simple call for an investigation.

This is one of the strange things about this series. The nuns are given absolute rule over the asylum, and are treated as though they have more authority and are given the power to make medical decisions, when they're not. They're not even nurses for crying out loud!

Dr. Thredson is not deterred by Sister Jude, and goes to finish his conversation with her. He walks in on her counseling a couple about chronic masturbation of all things. When he learns that the couple have brought their boy, Jed, in to be looked at because they believe that he is possessed by the Devil, he intercedes and offers to help in any way that he can.

Apparently, Jed has grown exceedingly violent and has been disemboweling livestock while speaking in tongues, but he doesn't remember doing any of it. Sister Jude, with her miraculous powers of GETTING THINGS DONE, tells the Monsignor about the boy and convinces him to perform an exorcism on him. Dr. Thredson objects to such barbaric practices and threatens to report Briarcliff to the proper authorities. Then, two minutes later, the exorcist magically arrives, and they force Dr. Thredson to attend as there must be a certified doctor present during an exorcism.

The Monsignor kicks Sister Jude out of the room when they start, telling her it's no place for a woman to be. This of course, leaves her miffed, and unable to retaliate. Again.

During the exocism, the lights flicker. The exocist is thrown up against the wall by an invisible force, and Jed starts to scream at him in Latin. Shortly thereafter, the power goes out, which unlocks all the doors in the place.

Lana and Grace make a run for the tunnel. Grace tells her that she won't leave without Kit, so stupidly, instead of running away with them, Lana decides to scream for the guards and they are caught dragged into solitary confinement.

Sister Jude re-enters the room after the exorcist is injured, and Jed taunts her, apparently speaking in her mind and telling her that he knows who she used to be a promiscuous drunk and a lounge singer named Judy.

Judy hit a girl one night while driving home drunk and instead of turning herself in and getting help for her, she drove away, leaving her to die. We also learn that Sister Jude slept with 53 men, and masturbates to the Monsignor. What a surprise.

Soon after, Jed has a heart attack. Just before he dies, he looks at Sister Mary Eunice, who is thrown back and falls unconcious. The demon has left him and entered the simpering idiot nun. Yay.

When Dr. Arden goes to visit Sister Mary Eunice, he spots her lying on her bed, with her leg exposed. He wakes her up and apologetically tells her that he is unaccustomed to seeing her out of costume (her nun's habit). She covers up her body and they have a warm fuzzy moment. Once Dr. Arden leaves, the crucifix falls off the wall.

Lana has Sister Jude taken to her office. The nun thanks Lana for turning in Grace and Kit. As a "reward" she gets to watch them get caned for their bad behavior. Lana is forced to choose a cane, so she takes one that Jude approves of. Before Grace is canned, Kit offers to take the punishment for her and receives it.

This is yet another episode of a TV show that can't decide what it wants to be about. Is it aliens? Demons? Or demon aliens? You tell me.

The only interesting thing that happened in episode 2 is that it is revealed that it is Sister Jude's guilt over a hit-and-run that is firing her rage and causing her to lash out and physically abuse the patients of the asylum. Not a very Christian thing to do there Jude. Whatever happened to turning the other cheek?

Now you know I just had to throw a butt joke in there, right?

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