Friday, July 20, 2012

'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D' Nurses Revealed

The first clip from Silent Hill Revelation 3D has surfaced, and boy am I impressed. It is a scene from the hospital, complete with creepy demon nurses.

A statement by the director, Michael J. Bassett from an interview with Shock Till You Drop gives me a really good feeling about the movie because it's going to be an R-rated film.  During filming, Bassett worked with the French producer Samuel Hadida who produced the first "Silent Hill" movie and is a big fan of "Silent Hill" himself, which gave him the freedom to make a psychological horror movie that was as true to the games as he possibly could make it.

Like the first "Silent Hill" movie, CG was used mainly to create effects that were enhancements to the set, the monster costumes and the puppets. Bassett said during an interview  at Comic-Con that he is a "big believer in real monsters on the set."

According to Comic, Basset's intent was to create a real world with monsters as real as they could make them. The only monster in the movie that has not been done with practical effects is the Mannequin, which has been remade into some sort of unholy spider monstrosity for the movie. A spider made up of mannequin parts. I love it.

There aren't any shots of the Mannequin from the movie yet, but here are two preview pictures from the set.

Is it just me, or is that Pyramid Head standing in the center of the shot?

But the best part, by far, is that Silent Hill series composer Akira Yamaoka made the score for the movie. The sound design is one of the core elements from the game series that is used to great effect to scare the bejeezus out of you. The fact that Bassett acknowledged this and knew that there was no way he was going to do the movie without Yamaoka speaks volumes about his passion for the series, and the thought that he put into directing it.

"Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" is the continuation of the first "Silent Hill" movie. It's plot is similar to the plot from "Silent Hill 3," with Cheryl being raised as Heather by Harry Mason. In "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" it's Sharon Da Silva (from the first movie) that has been raised as Heather Mason.

In the movie,  Heather and her father are running from dangerous forces that are after her. On her 18th birthday, she learns why and soon finds herself trapped in the hellish landscape of Silent Hill.

"Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" will be in theaters October 26, 2012.

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