Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dead Island DLC: Ryder White Campaign

Dead Island is going to release Ryder White's Campaign on January 31, 2012. Ryder White is the mysterious man behind the Voice that the characters hear throughout the game, the one who guides them from the radio with the promise of escape from Banoi. He's also the main protagonist of the game.

Ryder White's Campaign allows you to play as the bad guy. The campaign is single player only and has several hours of content that provide background story for the main plot of Dead Island.

Ryder is a member of the Banoi Island Defense Force and in the DLC you get to see what happened to Ryder and the events that lead up to the start of Dead Island. I watched the Character Bio on Youtube and it reads as though we will get to see what happened from Ryder's perspective, to see that he is not only a stern military man, but a loving husband as well. Indeed, it is his love for his wife that drives him to the lengths that he goes to in the game. This fact pleases me, as villains should have layers. They should be complicated and have something driving their actions other than "I am a nihilistic jerk-ass that wants to destroy the world. And I will. Because I can."

Watch the Character Bio Preview below. 

If you don't want to wait for it, Ryder White's character bio starts at 0:41 seconds of the video.

This news makes me like Dead Island even more than I already do. While the game does have some glaring flaws-- i.e. escort missions where the A.I. of the NPC decides to run up to the largest and most hard hitting monster in the game (Thugs, Rams, Floaters) and attack them as though they are invulnerable supermen, and the Infected being able to run right through your character and attack him from behind-- it is a unique game play experience with beautiful graphics and an interesting story that leaves you feeling satisfied after you beat the game.

Ryder White's Campaign DLC will cost 800 "Microsoft Points and $9.99 on PlayStation Network and Steam.

Don't know where to buy the DLCs for Dead Island? On the main menu, which appears right after you start the game, go to "Extras." "Ryder White's Campaign" can be found there, just select it and buy it. Done and done.

Check out these screen shots of Ryder White's Campaign!

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