Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Howlidays! Infinite Santa 8000

Infinite Santa

"A thousand years ago the world completely collapsed. Everyone must kill to survive, even Santa."

"Infinite Santa 8000" takes place in the sand blasted wastelands of a ruined earth, where the only life that remains are hideous blood thirsty mutants and a handful of robot people. Old St. Nick has battled monstrous demons for hundreds of years, and hasn't seen a single soul, until Martha comes along. The little cyborg girl warms Santa's ice cold heart, and for the first time in over a thousand years, he finds himself laughing once more. Santa's joy is short lived, however, when the evil Dr. Shackleton reveals his hideous plans to vivisect him and discover what makes Santa immortal.

Dr. Shachleton

Santa is one bad-ass mother is this flash animation cartoon series, he battles with Christmas themed pole-axes and snowflake shaped throwing stars, and he has a cool "hog" to ride on as well.

If you are a fan of splatter punk, Christmas horror, and the creepy monstrous art style of Metalocalypse, this 12 episode cartoon series is for you.

Check out the website here

Watch the trailer and Episode 1 below!

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