Monday, September 19, 2016

Horror Reviewers and Podcast Editors Wanted!

This post is a call for help.

I seriously need it.

Really, I do.

I'm drowning in work and need a few good men/women/insert gender identity of your choice to help me out!

My professional horror website Bloody Whisper is looking for reviewers to add to our regular stable of writers. 

In particular, we need a few horror video game reviewers. (However if you are just interested in reviewing movies or TV shows, that's cool too.)

If interested, please let me know here or email me at Thanks!

In addition, my horror comedy podcast needs assistance!

The Carnage Cove Podcast is looking for sound designers and podcast editors! If you would like to learn how to edit a podcast, I would be more than willing to teach you in exchange for your help.

Let me know here or email me at Thanks!

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