Wednesday, September 3, 2014

4 Reasons why "Silent Hills" will be the Scariest "Silent Hill" Game Ever Made!

There are four reasons why "Silent Hills", the latest installation of the "Silent Hill" franchise, will be the scariest game to be released by Konami in decades. With the addition of big names such as Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, and Norman Reedus, "Silent Hills" could very well revive the survival horror genre.

1. Hideo Kojima
Kojima is the director and producer of the very successful  Metal Gear Solid series. The stealth mechanics in these games requires patience, and creates tension in the player. This sort of tension is great to use when creating a scary atmosphere, such as that in Silent Hill.

2. Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro is by far the best horror director of our generation. His passion for horror and all things macabre shows in every project that he's involved in. His creative genius, and twisted imagination, is a perfect fit for Silent Hill. Even better, he himself is a fan of the franchise, so he knows what works in a Silent Hill game, and what does not. You can watch what he has to say about Silent Hill here.

The main reason why I'm so geeked up about this one is that del Toro is emphasizing storytelling in the game. What the past few Silent Hill titles truly lacked was a good solid story. The plots were minimal, and most of the game was spent fighting monsters as the games had gone away from survival horror, and turned into action adventure games, much like Resident Evil has. It appears that Konami has listened to its fanbase, and is attempting to recreate the feel of the original Silent Hill titles.

3. Akira Yamaoka
Akira Yamaoka, the brilliant composer behind the first four Silent Hill games has expressed great interest in returning to Konami and creating new music for Silent Hill. At the very least, some of his older scores are being dusted off and given new life in the teaser trailer, which can be seen below. If Konami can get Yamaoka on-board, the game would go from being simply amazing to utterly epic on the horror video game scale.

4. Norman Reedus
While there are many fanboys out there that are already complaining about the addition of Reedus as the actor playing the main character of "Silent Hills" I really don't see what the problem is. It's probably just because SH fans don't want The Walking Dead to get into their games. But, just because Reedus plays the insanely popular character Daryl on TWD, does not mean that his character is going to be directly imported into the Silent Hill universe. I mean, come on! Think about it for five seconds. The maneuvering that all companies involved would have to do to sell the rights for using a Walking Dead character would not be worth the amount of money it would cost for Konami to purchase them.

To be honest, I stopped watching The Walking Dead after they beheaded Herschel. (Oops! Spoilers!) So, as a professed former fan of the series, I can say without a doubt that while Daryl is a great character, it is not the best character that Reedus has ever played. Stop type casting him as a redneck and watch some of his other works. You won't be disappointed.

I highly recommend "Cigarette Burns" from the Masters of Horror series.

Not convinced yet? Earlier this year, the teaser trailer/ playable demo for Silent Hills titled P.T. was released on PlayStation Network for PS4. It is scary as hell! Download it and see for yourself just what horrors lie in-wait for us in the future of Silent Hill!

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  1. Really pumped for this game, It really seems like Konami wants to reboot its Silent Hill series to get back to it's roots. PT was a testament to that! Only thing that's throwing me off is that it seems like we'll get to play as Norman Reedus. I regard Reedus as a badass, (even though in cigarette burns, he was not as fearless as he was in some of his well known work) but what I enjoyed about the first Silent Hill game I played, is that it seemed like my character was helpless, but with Norman, I don't know if I'll feel as helpless...