Thursday, July 17, 2014

Top 3 Spoopiest Horror Films of 2014

All Aboard the Spoopy Bus! 

Here's three of the funniest B-grade horror movies of 2014! Enjoy!

Obligatory Warning: Some of the language used in this post is not safe for work (NSFW).

3. Kill, Granny, Kill!

Fornicating, swearing, overall misbehaving; Granny ain't got time for that! Uh-uh. You know what Granny got time for though? Killing people! With her axe! Woo!

2. 7500 

Like my meme? I made this! 

I'm sick and tired of all these motherfuckin' ghosts on this motherfuckin' plane!

1. Poseidon Rex

T-REX, in water, kills divers. 'Nuff Said!

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  1. I've had both 7500 and Poseidon Rex on my radar for a while, but Kill, Grannie, Kill is completely new to me! It looks spoopalicious!

  2. Oooh, I forgot about Zombie Beavers!