Sunday, June 8, 2014

'In Fear Of' Season 2 to Start this Friday the 13th!

Season 2 of the Youtube horror series "In Fear Of" starts June 13, 2014. This time, in addition to being on the In Fear Of Youtube Channel, it will be available on Vimeo On Demand. It's now available for pre-order for people with a Vimeo Account. You can purchase the entire season for $9.99. That's cheaper than a movie ticket at the theater!

It will have a total of 14 episodes, each one released on a Friday starting this week, up until Halloween!

Here's a run down of the premiere dates of the first seven episodes of "In Fear Of," courtesy of Scott W. Perry:

June 13th: 
“Gerontophobia: Fear Of Aging” Horror icon Suzi Lorraine stars in this comedic episode about an aging lothario (Doc Dougherty, CAPTURED HEARTS) who agrees to meet a woman he dumped 30 years earlier (Lorraine) and is stunned to discover she hasn’t aged a bit. Written and directed by Scott W. Perry.

June 20th:
"Toxiphobia: Fear Of Being Poisoned," A devious witch (Manoush, SEED 2) puts a woman (Kelly Rae LeGault, THE DAYS GOD SLEPT), under a spell that convinces she is being poisoned by her husband. Pete Mizzo co-stars. Written and directed by Thomas Norman (GITCHY).

Did I forget to mention that Kelly Rae LeGault is an amazing up-and-coming actress in the horror world? Because she is! (She's the blonde in the teaser video above)

June 27th:
"Dysmorphobia: Fear Of Deformity," A visually abstract piece, a woman (Heather Drew) insecure about her looks and not being perfect is being chased around a dilapidated house by a demon that encourages her to fit in with the world around her. Written and directed by Scott W. Perry with music by Fangoria Editor-in-Chief Chris Alexander.

July 4th:
"Scotomaphobia: Fear Of Blindness," Jeremiah Kipp directs this visually arresting episode about Emily (Susan Adriensen), whose life spirals out of control as she not only loses her vision, but her soul and everyone around her starring Susan Suhana Adriensen (UNDER THE RAVEN’S WING), Bryant Pearson (AMERICAN GANGSTER), Edward X Young (MR. HUSH). Premieres Friday, July 4th.

July 11th:
"Agraphobia: Fear Of Sexual Harassment," Set in 1986, this 80s themed slasher focuses on a woman who is trapped in her office building with a psychotic man she fired for sexually harassing her. Bradley Creanzo (THE BIBLE BELT SLASHER, NIGHT GAMES) stars, writes, and directs this 80s homage with co-star Genoveva Rossi.

July 18th:
"Dementophobia: Fear Of Insanity," A B-movie actress (Rachael Robbins, CAPTURED HEARTS) tries to keep sane at a press junket when the same question about her willingness to do nude scenes is asked over and over again in this hilarious comedy. The episode also stars Suzi Lorraine (who also produced), Mark O’Neal, and Pascal Yen-Pfister.

July 25th: The mid-season finale

"Agoraphobia: Fear Of Leaving Home," NIGHTBREED’s Anne Bobby is Emma, an emotionally shell shocked woman afraid to leave her home as she is questioned by a shady insurance man on her disability in a “Twilight Zone” homage. Frank Vlastnik and Blaine Pennington co-star. Written and directed by Robert L. Brodmerkel with music by FANGORIA Editor in chief Chris Alexander.

Look for reviews on these episodes in the coming weeks! 

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