Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top 17 Funniest Walking Dead Memes From Season 4

Once again I have scoured the Internet to find the funniest Walking Dead memes for you. I was even nice enough to put them all in one place. I know, right? I'm totally awesome for doing that for you! Enjoy! 

17.Hershel Didn't Get "Ahead". Get it. A head? Ha! 

16. Doctor Carol Recommends Immolation as a Cure-all for the Flu! 

 15. Look at the Flowers Justin! Look at the flowers! 

14. Eddie, Stuff and Thangs

13. Silly Camel, it's Spaghetti Tuesday! 

12. Game Night!

11. Pudding! 

10. Hide and Go Rick

9. Very Punny Mustaches

8. Tyreese is surrounded by Crazy White Bitches

7. That's My Pookie You're Touching Beth! 

6. Beth Pays the Ultimate Price for Touching Carol's Pookie!

5. Tyreese is surrounded by crazy white people. 

4. Rick's Freudian Slip

 3. Story Time with Carol! 

2. Hershel's Trusty Infinite Ammo Shotgun

1. Judith Boo-Boo!

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