Monday, December 30, 2013

Zombie Boot Camp is Extremely Effin' Nigh

If you live in the UK and you love zombies, this is your lucky day!

Zombie Experiences has put together several different zombie battle camp experiences. Think extremely interactive haunted house or dungeon attraction where you get to try your shooting skills on the hungry undead.

20 Questions for Horror Authors: LJ Phillips

LJ Phillips graphic designer and illustrator who has participated in numerous exhibitions and projects, both local and overseas and had three solo exhibitions. He's worked on and off in indie comics since 2009. His print comics, "Ministry and Alpha," have positively reviewed by sites as varied as Altern8, Fanboy Reviews and Comic Alliance.

His work can be found at and his latest comic "Skins" can be read at

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Get the eBook "On the Lips of Children" now for 99 Cents!

My buddy Mark Matthews' book "On the Lips of Children" is now 99 Cents for Amazon Kindle Readers!

Even better, his book has reached the number three spot on Amazon's top 315 Suspense/Horror Novels on Kindle. Which puts it right beneath Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep"! How cool is that?

Get your copy now, while it's on sale, and enjoy one hell of a good read! Don't believe me? Head over to Good Reads to see what they say about his book.

#3 in Kindle Store, and #9 in Horror Books on Amazon? Way to go Mark!

                                             Look, even the Joker is happy for you!

You can get your Kindle copy of "On the Lips of Children" here at

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Dyad Souls' Epic Rap "Giallo" Uses Every English Giallo Movie Title Ever Made!

Dyad Souls epic rap uses every English Giallo movie title ever made, and then some. The main theme of the rap was taken directly from the main title theme of "Profondo Rosso" (aka Deep Red) by Dario Argento. I love it, and I think you will too! Check it out!

I will warn you, this video does contain some graphic language that may be considered not safe for work. 

Giallo is a genre of Italian murder mystery movie that typically has a lot of gore marked by brutal, yet beautiful death scenes. To learn more about the rap group, check out Dyad Souls' Facebook Page.

Here's the list of the movies from the lyrics! (Titles that aren't easy to look up I've linked to pages for those of you who'd like to know more about the movies)