Saturday, December 21, 2013

Get the eBook "On the Lips of Children" now for 99 Cents!

My buddy Mark Matthews' book "On the Lips of Children" is now 99 Cents for Amazon Kindle Readers!

Even better, his book has reached the number three spot on Amazon's top 315 Suspense/Horror Novels on Kindle. Which puts it right beneath Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep"! How cool is that?

Get your copy now, while it's on sale, and enjoy one hell of a good read! Don't believe me? Head over to Good Reads to see what they say about his book.

#3 in Kindle Store, and #9 in Horror Books on Amazon? Way to go Mark!

                                             Look, even the Joker is happy for you!

You can get your Kindle copy of "On the Lips of Children" here at

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