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Dyad Souls' Epic Rap "Giallo" Uses Every English Giallo Movie Title Ever Made!

Dyad Souls epic rap uses every English Giallo movie title ever made, and then some. The main theme of the rap was taken directly from the main title theme of "Profondo Rosso" (aka Deep Red) by Dario Argento. I love it, and I think you will too! Check it out!

I will warn you, this video does contain some graphic language that may be considered not safe for work. 

Giallo is a genre of Italian murder mystery movie that typically has a lot of gore marked by brutal, yet beautiful death scenes. To learn more about the rap group, check out Dyad Souls' Facebook Page.

Here's the list of the movies from the lyrics! (Titles that aren't easy to look up I've linked to pages for those of you who'd like to know more about the movies)

Phantom of Death
Gently Before She Dies
The Dark is Death's Friend
The Crimes of the Black Cat
Hatchet for the Honeymoon
Knife of Ice
The Cold Eyes of Fear
So Sweet So Perverse
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
The Young, the Evil and the Savage
The Fourth Victim
Five Women for the Killer 
A Bay of Blood (AKA Twitch of the Death Nerve)
Death Steps in the Dark
The Killer is on the Phone 
The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion 
A Lizard in a Woman's Skin
The Secret of Seagull Island 
Four Flies on Grey Velvet 
Cry Out in Terror 
Black Belly of the Tarantula 
The Bloodstained Butterfly 
The Sweet Body of Deborah 
The Devil has Seven Faces
Plot of Fear 
Slaughter Hotel 
Death Laid an Egg
Blue Light Murder (aka Murder in a Blue Light)
The Red Light Girls 
Welcome to Spring Break
The Etruscan Kills Again 
Scandal in Black 
One on Top of the Other
A Black Veil for Lisa 
The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance
The Hot Lips of the Killer
The Scorpion with Two Tails 
Smile before Death 
So Sweet So Dead 
The Double Play
Date for a Murder 
My Dear Killer 
The Killer Reserved Nine Seats 
Crazy Desires of a Murderer
Five Dolls for an August Moon
The Cat's Victims
The Weekend Murders
Rings of Fear
Seven Murders for Scotland Yard
Murder Obsession 
Stage Fright
Too Beautiful to Die
What have you Done to Solange?
The Perfect Crime
Death Occurred Last Night
The Girl in Room 2A
Tropic of Cancer
The Washing Machine
Short Night of the Glass Dolls
Tales of Love and Death
Dangerous Attraction 
Dangerous Women 
Order of Death
Death Knocks Twice
Terror at the Opera
Nightmare Concert
A Quiet Place to Kill
Intimate Crimes
Blood and Black Lace
Blood Link
Strip Nude for Your Killer
The Oasis of Fear
A Taste for Fear
Rock the Fifth Cord
Don't Look Now
They're Coming to Get You (aka the Colors of the Dark, Day of the Maniac, Demons of the Dead)
Murder by Design
Cross Current
Too Young to Die (aka The Suspicious Death of a Minor)
Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye
The Card Player
Killer Nun
The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave
The Embalmer 
Fatal Temptation
Evil Senses 
Deadly Inheritance
Reflections in Black 
The House of the Yellow Carpet
The Two Faces of Fear
Naked Girl Killed in Park
Nothing Underneath
The Case of the Scorpion's Tail
Evil Eye 
Who Killed the Prosecutor and Why?
Death Walks in High Heels
Who Saw Her Die?
The New York Ripper
What Have They Done to Your Daughters?
Murder to the Tune of the Seven Black Notes
The Killer has Returned
Deep Red (aka Profondo Rosso)
The Pyjama Girl Case
Death Carries a Cane
In the Folds of the Flesh
A Blade in the Dark 
Don't Torture a Duckling
The Bloodstained Shadow
You'll Die at Midnight (aka Midnight Killer)
Hitch Hike 
The Cat o' Nine Tails
Body Count 
In the Eye of the Hurricane (aka Lusty Lovers, The Velvet Tailed Fox)
The Iguana with a Tongue of Fire

For more Giallo Titles, check out MUBI's "Another Big Honkin Giallo List"
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