Saturday, October 12, 2013

'On the Lips of Children' Now Available in Paperback!

Today my author buddy Mark Matthews announced that his visceral horror novel, "On the Lips of Children" is now available for purchase in paperback on Amazon. You can get it here, for  $12.99, or you can get the Kindle eBook version for $3.99. Or you can go crazy and get both!

"On the Lips of Children" is a story about a tortured family, whose starving children learn to survive by eating something quite unexpected. Matthews writing style is sure to suck you in, and you will find yourself turning the pages quickly to see what horrors happen next.

Here's what some people are saying about his book:

"It's time to rethink 'running for your life'"

Anyone can see from the cover that I blurbed this book. I did so because the power of Mark Matthews' imagery right out of the gate hit me like a hammer between the eyes. From the first scene the reader can see this story is headed someplace dark, but the way you get there and the well-developed characters who guide you down that path are what make the journey worthwhile. ON THE LIPS OF CHILDREN is the spiritual progeny of the classic myth of Orpheus. Also an artist, Macon must descend into a literal underworld to save his family (including his daughter, "Lyric," whose name hints at Macon's connection to the legendary musician, Orpheus). Don't misunderstand me though. This story reflects the tone of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as much as it does Greek myth. It's scary stuff and hard to put down. If you like your horror novels real, raw, and with relateable characters, this is one for you. -Bracken MacLeod

I read this book in one sitting which should tell you something about how powerful it is. I have made the best and worst decisions of my life in an attempt to protect my children. This is the story of two women, both mothers, who meet on a field of battle with one goal in mind--to save their children. One comes from a place of fetid, rancid darkness, the other from a world of searing, cutting light. While the men who surround them fight, maim and torture each other, these two mothers plot, with razor like precision, just how they are going to accomplish their goal. "Mother is the name for god on the lips and hearts of all children." Lupita and Erin are gods who really answer prayers. When her daughter Lyric asks to go home, it is as good as done for Erin. She will do whatever it takes to answer her daughter's prayer. It is Lupita that speaks to me in this novel, she crosses boundaries and endures a life of degradation and abuse to make sure she keeps her son and daughter under her watchful eye. Lupita may seem like a victim but she is the "little wolf" that her name implies. She is a fearsome god.

I left San Diego because I had a debilitating fear that my blue eyed son would be kidnapped, so the scene of this book is especially meaningful to me. Matthews paints a chilling picture of the underground in the area between San Diego and Tijuana and the people who inhabit that dark and wicked place. He uses the power of darkness to tell us a story about the blinding light that is the love of a parent for their child. This is not a book for light weights. It is gritty and violent and black as the heart of a drug addict but it is also empowering and horror at its very best. And the ending...oh the ending
. -C.J. McCoy

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