Monday, August 19, 2013

Watch the Crazy New Trailer for 'Dead Rising 3' Now!

The Dead Rising series has always been full of over the top, off the wall zombie shenanigans, and it looks like "Dead Rising 3" is following in it's predecessor's footsteps.

Watch the trailer below! I will warn you, because of the violence and language, it may be considered not safe for work.

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  1. well theres something that concerns me about what was show at first. you can call and air tactical strike if your in a jam.

  2. Thanks Weird Musician! I didn't know about that!

    I had to look it up but yeah, that does sound a bit weird, and perhaps, an overpowered attack. I know that the Dead Rising series made a name for itself by being wacky and over-the-top, but that kind of goes beyond that.

    The game makers assume that everyone that will play their game has a smart phone, and that they will be able to use it as an extra controller during game play. Kind of like the Wii U remote in a way, but, not everyone has their own smartphone device, or a tablet for that matter. I'm not sure if game players are ready for that type of interactive capability in a video game. You know?