Monday, July 22, 2013

Commonplace Books Podcast 'Welcome to Night Vale' is full of Creepy Lovecraftian Goodness

"Welcome to Night Vale" is a bi-monthly podcast by Commonplace Books that harkens back to the horror radio plays of old. The podcast is narrated by the brave Cecil Baldwin, a local resident of Night Vale. He gives community updates about the strange goings on in the small desert town, which are both foreboding, and amusing at times. From him we learn about the Sheriff's Secret Police, strange lights in the night sky, and the ominous, dark hooded figures that run the town from the shadows of the forbidden Dog Park.

The picture below features a line up of some of the main characters of the podcast that Cecil mentions regularly, such as the handsome scientist Carlos, the black angel that a crazy woman always sees, one of the indescribable Hooded Figures, a feral dog, and of course, you, dear listener.
Each podcast contains elements of weird storytelling that is similar in tone and style to H.P. Lovecraft. For those who aren't familiar with the themes of Lovecraft, his stories are full of unknowable horrors from beyond space and time that destroy your sanity when you look upon them. They are things that SHOULD NOT BE, and yet, they exist. That, and the universe is ruled by unknowable, uncaring entities that will destroy us all and there's nothing that any one of us can do to stop it.

Below is a comic of the introduction to the second "Welcome to Night Vale" podcast titled: "Glow Cloud" that should give you a good feel for the tone of the show.

Each episode of the podcast ends with a friendly public service announcement, such as this one.

"Welcome to Night Vale" is spooky, with creepy undertones. It playfully tromps through the nightscape of H.P. Lovecraft, and creates entertaining tales of terror that occur in the small desert town of Night Vale.

You can subscribe to "Welcome to Night Vale" on iTunes or Stitcher, or through the Commonplace Books Feedburner.

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  1. who is the author of the comics?
    i just started to listen to night vale and it's just fascinating!

    weirdoland -

  2. Hi Pigeon,

    I'm glad you like Night Vale! I think it's neat!

    The artist drew the comics and used dialogue from the podcast in it. It's a fan comic make by Toril. He wants to make an official comic for "Welcome to Night Vale" some day.

    Here's his official Tumblr page: