Tuesday, June 4, 2013

'Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret From Hell' Review

In "Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret From Hell," it's Freaky Friday for the eponymous perky gothic modern witch. Can she stop the evil cabaret owner and rescue her professional slacker friend Gavin from having his soul devoured by a demon, or will everything go tits up for her?

For those of you who don't know, Jenny Ringo is a demented version of Harry Potter. She's quirky, snarky, and quite fun to watch.

When Jenny's slacker friend Gavin is swindled by a literally voracious cabaret owner, he ends up giving away their rent money. Now, Jenny has to figure out a way to magic their way out of getting evicted from their apartment. Of course, when she uses magic, it has unexpected consequences, and hilarity ensues.

The actors that play the main characters do an excellent job and are very convincing during the body switch sequences, and I believe that that takes talent to pull off. The other two things that really stood out to me were the improved creature special effects, and the pacing of the plot. This time around, the danger that Jenny and Gavin were in felt more immediate and real, and that's a good thing.

It's clear to me that all parties involved in making the movie have upped their ante, and that they have learned from the things that didn't go quite right during their first production. The growth of the talent is very clear to this viewer, and to be honest, I'm quite proud of director Chris Regan and all of his crew for the fantastic job they did!

I also like that the movie has a nice cameo of the director, Chris Regan, and that it has product placement for The Dresden Dolls, which are a great band. (Their lead singer, Amanda Palmer is Neil Gaiman's wife.) You can learn more about the band here.

Overall, "Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret From Hell" is a solid short film. The pacing was excellent, the acting was great, and the story was cute, with just the right amount of sinister sorcery in it to make for a very entertaining film.

Watch the trailer below!

"Jenny Ringo and the Cabaret From Hell" will be released June 18, 2013. If you want to watch the movie, please head over to http://www.jennyringo.com/ and subscribe to the email list to be given a link to the film when it comes out later this month.  

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