Saturday, May 25, 2013

First Official Movie Night On Cassie Carnage's House of Horror is Tonight!

Today is the first movie night on Cassie Carnage's House of Horror. Tonight, at 8:00pm Eastern, we will be watching Clive Barker's "Hellraiser". Click here to get to the movie night page.

Join us in the Chatango Chat located on the right hand column of my blog to talk with me and other Hellraiser fans during the first inaugural movie night on my horror blog! Signing up for the chat is free!

Why won't my computer play the video?
You may need to update your Windows Media Player to version 10 or above. You may also need to update your Java.

What does open port 1935 mean?
Ports are Internet entryways that send date into and out of your computer. When you get the message to open the port 1935, most likely you are using Adobe Media Flash Player, and you will need to open port 80 as well to get the movie to work.

I get a blank screen and the movie still won't work, now what?
Try opening ports 843 and 443 on your computer, or shutting off your firewall while you watch the movie.

The last thing you can do change the settings on your router to open a DMZ or DMZ Host. Please keep in mind that this is a risky thing to do if you aren't using it to play games on your XBOX 360 or PS3, because it allows anyone to access the information your computer. If you have to do this, be sure to shut off the DMZ or DMZ Host as soon as you are done watching the movie!

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