Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cassie's Adventures at Motor City Nightmares

I spent most of Saturday at the Motor City Nightmares horror convention in Novi with my best friend Razor.  We has such a good time, and it was really cool to see familiar faces such as actors from Dawn of the Dead (both the original and the remake), Friday the 13th, The Howling, The Hills Have Eyes, and even The Walking Dead.

There's just something magical about wandering around a convention center and just casually walking past actors that have such an amazing presence on-screen, watching them chatting nonchalantly with friends and colleges, and even playing around a little.

After getting some autographs from Doug Bradley (Pinhead from Hellraiser) and John Russo (the screenwriter of the "Night of the Living Dead" script), we went and watched "Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake." 

Here's the unrated trailer. I will warn you, it has sex toys in it, and is not safe for work!

Beaver Lake is a camp ground north of where I live in Michigan. This movie had over-the-top terrible acting, and a cameo by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films.

"Blood Orgy at Beaver Lake" had the most dick jokes I have ever seen in a movie, and it even used "fake" ones (i.e. dildos)  for some of the scenes, in what has to be the most boring, albeit creative, use of sex toys I have ever seen.

After the movie, we decided to go and have dinner at the hotel's restaurant. Since it was seat yourself, I chose a booth in the center of the main walkway. I had to switch seats with my convention buddy Razor because the air conditioning was blowing right on me. Because of this, I ended up being able to watch Doug Bradley sit down  at a table in the corner of the restaurant and join his companions, this was within line of sight of where I was sitting. It was so awesome! I also had Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees) sitting in the booth directly to my right. He was close enough that I could hear him speaking with his friends about his work.

Two really cool and random things happen while I was at the convention. One was watching Doug Bradley walk away from his table, prancing like a mincing idiot, only to return and then walk the same direction slowly and ominously before sitting down. Obviously, he was demonstrating to the people at his table some sort of acting technique, but it was so random, it struck me as awesome and funny at the same time.

The other neat thing was speaking with John Russo, who wrote the script for the original "Night of the Living Dead." Later on that evening. I was standing in the hallway, waiting for Razor to come out of the men's restroom, and Mr. Russo walked by me and waved hello. I must've looked slightly confused because he paused and said that he remembered me stopping by his table and buying a book from him. (He signed it for me.) It was really neat because he remembered my face, and we only spoke for a very brief period when I bought the book from him.

While waiting around for the next movie to start, people began to show up for the late night party that the convention was throwing. I spotted Doug Bradley standing by the entrance of the VIP lounge, chatting with some people, and the woman that was sitting with him at dinner. He had three of his fingers hooked around her own, and it was just a brief glimpse into the intimate connection that he had with her. Most people probably didn't notice it, but I have a habit of looking down when I am taking in my surroundings, and I spotted it. I kind of felt like a stalker, but in a good way.

After hobknobbing with the stars for a bit, we sat down to watch another movie titled "Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan." This movie will be released direct to DVD in June.

The director, producer, and Tom Downey, the actor that played Sgt. Hoke, as well as the actor that played the giant Paul Bunyan (Chris Hahn) were all there.

Chris Hahn was loud, big man, and he was cracking jokes and giving commentary through out the entire movie. It was amusing at times, and annoying at times (well when he was speaking over the quieter parts of the movie). All and all, it was a cheesy schlock-fest of gore and terrible, unapologetic use of poorly done special effects with a green screen, and it was hilarious.

The character that made the movie so good was Sgt. Hoke. After he is "axed," it kind of fell apart and became less interesting. Hoke was funny and had the best lines of the entire movie. Personally, I would've kept him alive until the very end, it would've helped the movie hold together better.

All in all, I had a great time at the Motor City Nightmares convention. I met an actor that I've always wanted to meet, and spoke with several others that I never even dreamed that I'd meet in person.

I'm totally going to go next year, and I'm going to get more pictures!

Here I am grinning like a kid at Christmas, getting my picture taken with Doug Bradley! 

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