Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Book Review: 'Zeke the Zombie'

"Zeke The Zombie Lost His Arm" is a charming children's story that teaching children about how to be responsible with their belongings. Being a zombie, Zeke's arms and legs fall off some times, and when he loses his arm one day at school, he is helped by his mom and goes through the steps of his day to find where he left it.

This children's book has repetition to help young kids learn the story and predict what may happen, which is essential for young developing minds that are learning to read.

The art is not scary at all, and looks like it was drawn by a child, with lovable images that represents Zeke's journey to find his lost arm.

I rather enjoyed the boyish charm of this zombie themed children's book, and I'm sure that your little monster will love it too.

Zeke the Zombie is a large print paperback book for young readers. It can be purchased on Amazon for $7.99

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