Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Book Review: 'Shadows in the Asylum'

In "Shadows in the Asylum," Dr. Marsh is trying to help Kari Hansen, a college student who had a nervous breakdown during a school sponsored archaeological dig at the Lake Superior Apostle Islands in Wisconsin. There they were working to uncover artifacts of the Copper Culture Indians that had mysteriously vanished from the area.

Kari believes that they uncovered something sinister while on the dig, and that it followed her to Kriegmoor Psychiatric Hospital. Soon, other patients and even the hospital staff begin to see strange things wandering the hallways.

"Shadows in the Asylum: The Case Files of Dr. Charles Marsh" is written in an experimental format. It consists of a compilation of notes, documents, photos, hand written notes, journals, book excerpts, newspaper clippings, and transcripts of patient therapy sessions.  With all of these materials, D.A. Stern has managed to weave a hypnotic and haunting tale that instantly immerses the reader into the story. The very convincing visual pieces cleverly work to create a mood of ever creeping dread and terror that I absolutely loved.

Reading this book is like pawing through a pile of documents left in a scattered pile on a doctor's desk. I found myself constantly looking for clues and leads that would point to what happened to Kari, and why she continues to see things even though she is no longer at the dig site.

The unsettling story of "Shadows in the Asylum" slowly unravels and wraps its tendrils around your mind as you get deeper and deeper into the mystery. As the story unfolds, you will find yourself wondering who is actually telling the truth, and what is really going on at Kriegmoor Psychiatric Hospital.

"Shadows in the Asylum: The Case of Dr. Charles Marsh" is a paperback book that can be purchased from Amazon.

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  1. Hey - thanks for the nice review, Cassie! Glad you liked the book.

    - Dave (D.A.) Stern

  2. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my review! I adore your book. I think that the format is really immersive for the readers. Haven't seen too many horror books like this. Great idea man!