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Top Six Reasons Why Andrea is the Most Hated Villain of 'The Walking Dead'

There's one woman on "The Walking Dead" that we all love to hate, and boy to we hate her. She is someone who is even more incompetent than Lori Grimes, she causes more conflict and creates more trouble for herself than even Carl the rambunctious walker poker, she is Andrea.

While no one has ever talked about it, the truth is plain as day, Andrea is one of the most hated villains of "The Walking Dead." Here's six reasons why.

 6. Worst Women's Rights Lawyer in History

In the infamous last episode of "The Walking Dead" that Dale was ever in, "Judge, Jury, Executioner," Andrea's inability to argue a compelling defense for Randall and convince the group not to kill him is evidence enough for me to believe that she was a crappy lawyer. Oh, wait. You didn't know? Yeah, turns out that Andrea used to be a Women's Rights lawyer. At least that's what my version of "The Walking Dead" board game  says. The Walking Dead wiki claims that she was a Civil Rights lawyer. Either way, she sucks.

If anything about her past could construed by watching her present behavior, she probably lost a lot of cases, on purpose, and then dated the petulant, quick tempered hot-shots that beat their wives behind closed doors.Yep. She probably became a lawyer to pick up dead beat men and sleep with them. Why else would she do such a thing?

Or, even worse, she was involved in the heinous act of a woman assisting in writing laws that eliminated or took away the rights of women. Yeah, I bet Andrea was a pro-life propagandist. That really is a more fitting backstory for her character, now isn't it?

5. Selfish much? 
-Or- Me, me, me. It's all about me. 

After her little sister Amy died, Andrea attempted to commit suicide by staying in the CDC building that was about to blow up. She refused to believe that life was still worth living.

Dale, who by now cared for her like she was his own daughter, couldn't stand the thought of living without her. He had lost far too much, he wasn't about to lose her too. So he stayed with her. It took him sitting next to her to get her to leave and stay alive. And she HATED him for it, not once realizing that he did that out of love. Then, she acted like an angry teenager who was pouting because her dad took away the car keys.

In the third season, Andrea ignores Michonne's pleas to leave, and she really should have listened to her. She decided to stay in Woodbury because she wanted a life of luxury, no doubt like the one she used to have when she was a skeevy pro-life Women's Rights lawyer. Oh, that and she wanted a chance to jump the Governor's bones.

She's tired, she says. She doesn't want to be on the run anymore, she says. Lies!

Andrea turned her back on Michonne, after the woman took take of her for several months, and tried desperately to get her to leave Woodbury before something bad happened to them. Instinct alone told Michonne not to trust the Governor. Unfortunately, Andrea's instinct told her to hook up with him, so she did that instead. That's because it's always about her needs getting met first. Sorry new BFF, I need to get my jones on.

4.  Too Incompetent to be a Part of the Boy's Club, Too Reluctant to Admit it

Andrea constantly makes what she believes to be altruistic decisions that aren't only asinine, they're down right irresponsible and dangerous.

For instance, in season two, we have her making a life-or-death decision for Beth, even though Andrea doesn't really see it as that. She believes that she forced Beth into realizing that she wanted to live, by leaving her alone and allowing her to try to kill herself, and that her action was the "right thing to do."

Yeah, the Women's Rights lawyer leaves a suicidal young woman alone to kill herself. Seriously? Who would do that? Beth clearly wasn't thinking straight at the time, she was depressed and mourning the loss of her family after the walker barn massacre. And that is why Andrea is the biggest idiot ever.

Don't even get me started on why that woman shouldn't have a gun...

Andrea has made this progression from being what she perceived as a helpless woman who stood by and did nothing when a walker chomped on her sister and killed her, to a woman who can defend herself and use a rifle as best as the next man.

Unfortunately, even though she is a good shot, she's none too bright. After pouting for weeks about having her guns taken away and being forced to do the "women's work" around the camp, she is given a rifle. While Andrea is "guarding" the camp, she thinks she spots a walker when a weary, injured, and very dirty Daryl comes limping back to the farm. Guess what she does. Yes, that's right, she shoots him and almost kills him.

Since she learned how to shoot, she has started to believe that she is capable of making the correct decisions for herself (and others). This way of thinking makes her believe that the Governor is right  when he makes  oppressive rules in order to keep people safe in Woodbury. At least, that is what she thought up until she witnesses the Governor drag Daryl and Merle out before an angry crowd to be killed.

It appears that the second half of season three will force Andrea to confront the reasons why Michonne wanted to leave that town, and face the heinous actions of the cruel tyrant of Woodbury, whom also happens to be her one-eyed lover boy. But even then, I don't know what she will do, as she is the dumbest, most incompetent character on the show right now.

3. She Loves the Really Evil Bad Boys

Andrea didn't start out as a villain of the show. At one point, she was just a lady trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. When she lost her sister Amy, the sane, rational part of her brain just curled up in a whimper and died. Since then, she's hooked up with Shane Walsh, and most recently, became the Governor's lover.

Seriously? Shane? Why?

She knew that Shane was dangerous, but she just didn't care. She was pissed off at Dale for forcing her to live, so she went to the one man that she knew would drive her father figure crazy. You see, Shane liberated her by letting her play with his big gun, both literally and figuratively (if you know what I mean). She didn't care that he was crazy and making a desperate power play to get leadership of the group back. She certainly didn't care that he was in love with Lori, and that his jealousy of Rick's life was becoming a burning rage that consumed him and caused him to try and kill his best friend. Nope. She just wanted a piece of that action. Bow, chica, bow bow.

He is so checking out her butt right now.

Later, after surviving the winter with Michonne, she is abducted by Merle and taken to Woodbury, where she meets the vile, slimy, yet equally charming and charismatic Governor, whom very easily woos her off of her feet and into his bedroom.

You see, Andrea likes men who are perceived to have positions of power, or at least men that believe that they know how to lead others.

Both of the men that Andrea has been romantically involved with are villains of "The Walking Dead," and her choice in company makes it pretty obvious that she isn't on the side of the good guys. 

It really makes me wonder just what happened to her when I see the crazy things that Andrea does on-screen. If she honestly was a Women's (or Civil) Rights lawyer, how come she's so gullible? She believes everything that the bad guys say and gives them the benefit of the doubt, when she should know that men are capable of doing terrible things, and that violent men will do anything to get what they want.

What's really annoying is that she gave the Governor googly eyes when he waxed poetically in his garden about how he wants to make the world a safe place for people to live in, and how everyday he struggles to bring order back to the chaos that the walkers have created.  Yeah, right...

Doesn't she know that he's full of himself, and that Woodbury is his cult of personality?

The worst part is that Andrea chose to stay with him, after once again ignoring the pleas of someone who cares about her, because she thinks that she knows what is best for her, when all she is doing is going from one bad man's bed to another.

2. Killing Walkers is Fun!

Andrea learned how to hunt and shoot walkers from Shane Walsh. She also learned about bloodlust, and it has driven her a little crazy. From shooting Daryl to jumping off the barricade wall of Woodbury to take out a walker, she has proven that she gets very enthusiastic about killing the undead, to the point where it gives her tunnel vision, like the berserker Vikings of old. (Or Marvel Comics' Wolverine for that matter).

She enjoys it so much that it overrides her reason and she literally leaps at the chance to kill them, even if it puts her in harm's way. That might be a little bit of Michonne that's rubbed off on her, or it could just be that she is a Ranger and Walker's are her Enemy Class, and engaging them in combat gives her a +1 to her attack roll. Or maybe she's just an obsessed idiot with a death wish. (It's probably the latter...)

1. Her Actions Cannot Be Forgiven

If you were to boil down the differences of a hero and a villain, you'd find that at the very core of their essence is audience perception. A hero's actions, whether they are for good or ill, are often very easily forgiven by the audience, whereas a villain's actions are never forgivable offenses.

While Andrea may have made up with Dale after pouting for way too long about how he forced her to keep on living,  the audience never forgave her for going against him. He was the voice of reason for the group, and she should've freaking listened to him.

Andrea left a very suicidal Beth alone and she almost killed herself. Maggie banned her from the farmhouse for it, and I for one, never forgave her for doing such a stupid thing. How could she be so insensitive to a person's grief? Why the hell did she think that she had the right to make the decision for Beth to be alone, after Maggie asked her to stay and watch over her? Seriously!

After that, she sided with Shane and then became enamored with the Governor's way of running Woodbury. Each and every one of her actions was something that she believed to be the right thing to do. Only villains do things that they believe to be right that are actually dangerous, often deadly, ways of getting things done.

Everything she has done up to this point is pretty much unforgivable, which is why Andrea is such a great villain, and why I hate her character so very, very much.

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  1. Hi Cassie, I googled for someone who shared my disdain for Andrea and came across your post. This is a fabulous post and explains all the reasons why Andrea is one of the most hated characters on the walking dead. I'm not sure if you've seen the season finale yet so I don't want to say anything to spoil it.

  2. I completely agree. She is stupid and causes me anger and frustration each time I see her in an episode.

  3. Sorry but Andrea was amazing! And she had no way of knowing the Governor was evil.

  4. I loved Andrea. She was clearly extremely depressed about her younger sister dying and became suicidal. But I can assure you that in real life everyone, even if it just for a second, would seriously consider offing themselves. I'm glad that Dale saved her but he had no right to force that upon her. Yes she choose the weak way out but it was entirely fair enough.
    Also with the suicidal beth incidence, it was Beth's choice and Andrea had been through it so understood what Beth was thinking. Today there are hundreds of suicides constantly due to some people not being able to cope. It is there choice. You might not agree with it but at the end of the day if they truly want it then you must let them no matter the pain it might cause others.
    You can't blame her for mistaking Daryl as a walker. He definitely looked like it and the sun was shining in the rifle scope so she genuinely thought it was one. She had just learned to shoot properly and on a quite boring farm so why can't she use those skills?
    When she had sex with Shane she had every right I mean look at him. Who the hell wouldn't? ;)
    When she left michonne she was doing it as she wanted to take part in the rebuilding of the world and she had just spent 7 months outside (sick for most of it) and she finally had a chance to live properly. Yes she left her Best friend but Michonne should have spent more time explaining the situation. She should have shown Andrea the proof and the walkers etc.
    And finally with the Governor she had found a man who was attractive, charming, had saved her life and had offered her the chance of a life time. She was just extremely grateful. How was she meant to know he was evil? And by the time she found out it was too late :'(
    Just what annoyed me was that whilst she was tied up she kept pausing but that was due to her being a good person and upset that her ally was dying.

    Overall, she is by far one of my fave people on TWD along with Michonne and Carol. It was just a shame she made some bad decisions.

  5. Hi Anon,

    Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment on this post! While I can agree with most of your statements, there is one that left me a bit troubled.

    Even in the event of something horrific, such as the zombie apocalypse, is suicide something that we should just LET people do because they have become emotionally broken and can't take it anymore? Is that the right thing to do? To allow them to choose to die rather than face the terror of living everyday in such an awful environment?

    You said that suicide is a choice, and one that both Andrea and Beth should've been allowed to follow through on.

    I don't agree with that statement. As someone who has personally been down that dark road once before (I was 17 and going through a personal hell), I can guarantee that it isn't the best course of action. When our minds get to that abysmal place, we don't know that life can get any better. We can't see any other way out. And thank god that I had people in my life to help me find my way back to myself, and wanting to live life to it's fullest.

    That was a long time ago, and I know now, that even if it is a "choice" it's the most selfish, cowardly way to end one's life. It's not the same as going out on your own terms when you are terminally ill or very old and already dying and not wanting to draw out the pain and misery any more. Right?

    While I do appreciate you taking your time to share your point of view, I don't think that Andrea or Beth were terminally ill or dying of old age and thus worthy of euthanasia. Suicide isn't a humane act of kindness. It's just the easy way out for people who are in a ton of emotional pain, people who need the support and love of other human beings to get them through their crisis.

  6. Having been there myself, I find terms like "cowardly" and "selfish" deeply offensive and hurtful.

    The last thing people in that extreme of pain need is more shame and scorn.

    Suffering is emotional-- even when the illness is physical, the suffering is emotional. Mental illness is not so different, and the individual has the right to that choice.

    That said... ANDREA WAS AN IDIOT.

    You do NOT leave somebody the opportunity to do themselves in when they're in crisis. If they've thought it through thoroughly for years after trying many forms of treatment, that's one thing-- but in the throes of a peaking crisis? Hell no. No.

  7. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Gnarly Cranium! I'm glad that you agree that Andrea's actions were idiotic.

    Also, while you may think it cruel to state the suicide is cowardly and selfish, I stand by my statements. Is telling the truth about a person's choice to end their life placing scorn and shame upon someone? I really don't think so. Was I stating that every person that is suicidal should be ashamed of themselves? No. I was not.

    Unlike other chronic illnesses that are physically crippling and impossible to cure; where suicide or euthanasia may be the only option to end someone's suffering; depression does have successful treatment options (granted, many of those would be difficult to come by in a zombie apocalypse, but I digress). These treatments are proven to help alleviate the patient's suffering; they help thousands of people every day. Therapy and counseling, combined with anti-depressants and other medications, can and do help people find their way back to themselves again.

    I am aware that mental illnesses are still taboo in modern society, and that admitting that you have one is opening yourself up to ridicule and scorn. But they are an illness, and people need to understand that treating depression with medication is just the same as taking medication for other organs that aren't working right. It's the same thing as taking insulin when you are a diabetic, or thyroid hormones when your thyroid isn't functioning properly. Should you be ashamed for taking those medicines to help your body function? No. Not at all. The same applies to taking medication for treating mental illnesses.

    Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain where naturally occurring serotonin is overproduced and inundates brain receptors. To stop this overproduction, the brain needs help regulating itself; anti-depressants and other psychotropic drugs are needed to help make the brain work right.

    I cannot stress this enough: there is no shame in having a mental illness! However, there is shame when you see someone who is suicidal and you do nothing to help them, like Andrea did.

    While it may appear to the person who is currently stuck in the deep dark hole of depression that there is no visible way out, that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Those people need help, and the ability to see that there is hope for them. They need to told that one day, it will get better. It might not be tomorrow , or the next day, or even the next month, but eventually, the pain will start to lessen and life will become bearable again.

    I'm glad that my post about such a controversial Walking Dead character is helping to open up a dialogue about depression and suicide on my blog. The more we talk about it, the more people will start to understand just what mental illnesses are, and why they should be treated like other illnesses that people have.