Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Marble Hornets' Slenderman Movie to be Filmed this Spring!

"Marble Hornets" is by far the best Slenderman video series on Youtube, probably because it was the first one ever made. The scares that the videos generate are better than most big budgeted Hollywood horror movies that I've seen in recent years. So it's with great delight and giddy anticipation that I proudly announce that the creators of "Marble Hornets," (Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage and Tim Sutton) have finished talks with Mosaic and have sealed the deal to help create a major motion picture based on their highly successful Youtube video series.

This will be Mosaic's first horror movie production, but Troy is confident that they're dedicated to making the movie as best as it possible can be.

The movie will be directed by James Moran, who was first assistant director for "Paranormal Activity 3' and "Paranormal Activity 4." It will be Moran's first shot at being the main director of a feature length film. His current work is a short horror film called "Lost Rites." You can watch a trailer for the dark urban fantasy movie here.

The "Marble Hornets" script was written by Ian Shorr, who wrote the wonderfully scary movie "Splinter." Both Troy and Joseph believe that it's a fantastic script, which is a good thing. Those guys know how to do horror right. If they like it, it has to be good.

The "Marble Hornets" movie is being produced by Mark Attanasio, Jimmy Miller, Micheal Sacks, and Ken Sacks.

They are already in the pre-production phase of making the movie, which is scheduled to start shooting some time this spring, in either April or May 2013.

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