Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Two New Scary Clips from Guillermo Del Toro's 'Mama'

Once again, Guillermo del Toro brings us a a horrific version of a dark fairy tale gone wrong. "Mama" is about two girls, Victoria and Lilly, who were lost in the woods and then found and raised by SOMETHING. The girls are wild, feral children that act more like animals than human beings.When they are rescued, their closest living relative and uncle, Lucas, is asked to take care of them.

Lucas is living with Annabel, a goth base guitarist who really isn't ready to be a mother, but she soon finds herself coming to love the girls. And that's when things start to go terribly wrong.

Annabel believes that there is someone out there that took care of the girls, the person they call "Mama," and she was right.

There is a lot of symbolism in this movie, and so far, my favorite is that of the moth. In many traditional folklore legends, the moth represents death, or a spirit that is trying to communicate with the living. According to Symbolic, it can also represent intuition  psychic perception/the second sight, heightened awareness, knowledge of the Otherworld or the Land of the Dead, influence, prophesy and clarity.

In the girl's bedroom, they have drawn many moths on the walls and a spooky rendition of Mama as well. Check it out!

Since the evil entity that cared for the girls was in fact, their dead mother, the moth is a perfect symbol of their relationship with her, and the jealous ghost's influence on them.

The official website for Mama has some neat Easter eggs, such as a chance to win $10,000 and a signed Mama poster by tweeting with the hashtag #mamachillergraph, or sharing one of the movie's chillergraphs on Tumblr or Twitter such as this one titled "Scurrying."

It also has a link to a Tumblr page of Dr. Gerald Dreyfuss, a character from the movie who is the girl's psychiatrist, called "Researching Lost Children." It discusses the girls, and gives us little tidbits of insight into the movie while giving the character's views of what is happening with the girls and his hypotheses on their behavior.

The Tumblr page in particular talks about age regression hypnosis, which is used by some psychologists to help people who were traumatized as a child to remember what happened to them and begin to deal with the problem, aka, have a "breakthrough" during therapy.

Age regression hypnosis is also used to treat children with attachment disorder, which can be any type of mood, behavior or social relationship disorder caused by a failure to form an emotional attachment to a primary care giver during early childhood. This is often caused by neglect, abuse, or an abrupt separation  from their caregiver after six months of age, and before three years of age, which is what Lilly may be exhibiting with her ability to only say the word "Mama."

If you want to watch the trailer and catch an exclusive Inside Look  video narrated by Guillermo Del Toro head on over to iTunes Movie Trailers.

"Mama" will be in theaters January 18, 2013. 

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  1. Awesome work, I have recently started watching Guillermo del Toro's works. The Orphanage is my current favorite.