Monday, January 28, 2013

National Reading Month Blog Event Coming in March to Cassie Carnage's House of Horror

Cassie Carnage's House of Horrors is currently seeking guest posts for book reviews, and accepting submissions of short horror stories that will be featured on this blog during the Reading Month Blog Event!  

Throughout the entire month of March, there will be daily book review posts, Featured Fiction Fridays, and posts related to reading, such as where to find cool eBooks for download for free, recommended books for horror writers and so on.

About Guest Book Review Posts
Book reviews can feature any type and genre of horror, and the books can be for any age, from children's books to mature adult books. Reviews can be anywhere from 200 to 800 words (word count exceptions will be made for reviews that have up to 1,000 words), and may have pictures attached. If you don't have any pictures, that's fine, I'll add them in later.

AP Style is preferred. Please put book and movie titles in quotation marks. Do not use all capitals to denote that they are works of fiction. If you are unfamiliar with AP Style, don't worry about it. This won't disqualify your work. In this case, I will format the writing to AP style when I put up your post. This ensures that the blog has a uniform writing style that my readers have come to expect.

Also, please keep in mind that even if it is a mature themed horror book that you are reviewing, this blog written so that it is safe for work.*

If you would like to do a horror book review, but aren't sure what book to write about, I will be posting a list of books that I am planning on reviewing later this week. If you see one that you'd like to review, just let me know and I'll let you do it.

Featured Fiction Fridays Submissions
For the first time, Cassie Carnage's House of Horror is accepting submissions of short horror stories to feature on Fiction Fridays throughout the month of March. The horror stories can be flash fiction with a word count between 150 and 500 words, or short stories that contain between 1,000 and 2,000 words.

*Short stories that contain profanity will still be considered for the Featured Fiction Fridays. There will just be a disclaimer at the top to ensure that no one gets any unexpected surprises when their boss looks over their shoulder.

Anyone who contributes to the Reading Month Blog Event on Cassie Carnage's House of Horror will have a one paragraph biography included at the bottom of the post.

Free Advertising
In addition to getting exposed to a wider audience, I would like to help you promote your own work by giving you the option to have up to three links to personal websites, blogs, social website accounts (such as Facebook) or other places on the Internet such as where you are selling your books, short stories, or other horror related items, included in your post. These links will remain on the post indefinitely, there is no time limit for them to remain active. As long as this blog is on the Internet, the links will be left on the posts.

The second advertising option is a small 180 x 150 button ad for your blog, website or book located on the right column/side bar of the blog for the entire month of March. If you would like a button ad, but aren't sure how to make one, just let me know and I'll help you make one.

Bloggers and writers who are interested in contributing to the Reading Month Blog Event, feel free to leave a comment below, or send Cassie an email at You can also contact her on Twitter or Facebook

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