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'Aliens: Colonial Marines' in Stores February 2013

"Aliens: Colonial Marines" is a first person shooter sci-fi horror video game for PC, PlayStation3, Wii U, XBOX 360 and subscription based OnLive cloud computing. You play as Corporal Christopher Winter, a US Colonial Marine whose squad is sent to investigate a distress call from the USS Selacco and comes across a xenomorph infestation in Hadley's Hope. Yes, you read that right, it's that Hadley's Hope, as in the colony on Acheron LV-426 that Ripley and the Colonial Marines went to, the one where Newt was the lone survivor and the marines were overrun by xenomorphs and were tragically killed.

One of the reasons why I'm so excited about this video game is that some of the most beloved characters from the "Alien" movie franchise are the colonial marines (aka space marines). They had such a screen presence that they made the second movie, "Aliens" a smash hit. (It also happens to be one of my favorite movies.)

The colonial marines have had such an impact in the audience's mind that they not only contributed to the iconic visual aesthetic of space marines in movies and video games,  they also influenced the shape of video game design, starting with the 1987 video game "Contra," with it's alien killing soldiers to the beefcake marines found in "Gears of War." For more info on it's influence, check out this article at Den of Geek!

The game play itself involves running through a gauntlet of xenomorphs and defending areas in a last stand scenario, much scenes from the "Aliens" movie. The game has all the familiar Alien types, including the facehugger, chestburster, drone, warrior and the queen alien from the movie. It also has five new xenomorph types, such as the lurker, soldier, boiler, crusher and the spitter. Check it out!

In "Aliens: Colonial Marines" you will be able to use iconic weapons from the "Aliens" movie like the flamethrower, pulse rifle, smart-gun and robot sentry turrets. Other items from the movie include welding torches (to seal the doors and keep the xenomorphs at bay) and the motion trackers to detect hidden enemies.

A few of these items, such as the welder, motion tracker and turrets are featured in the video for the online multiplayer mode of the game called "Survivor."

Unfortunately, there won't be an HUD to keep track of in-game info, which strikes me as kind of odd, but there's probably a reason for that.

If you pre-order the limited edition from the official SEGA website, you will get the limited edition game with the movie character pack, which allows you to plays as characters from "Aliens" such as Hicks, Hudson, Drake and Apon, in the multiplayer mode. You also get the bonus weapon, Ripley's flamethrower, and a character customization pack for the online multiplayer mode.

Pre-ordering the collector's edition also includes the power loader figurine (you know, the one Ripley uses to shove the Alien queen out the air lock at the end of the movie), extra weapons such as the sonic electronic ball breakers and the XM-99A plasma pulse rifle, the bonus playing level, U.S. Colonial Marines Academy firing range, and the U.S Colonial Marines Dossier with a mission brief, the USS Sephora ship schematics, a recruitment card, LV-426 recon photo, iron-on badges and a certificate of graduation from the Coloinal Marines academy.

Power loader. 'Nuff said.

The story trailer for "Aliens: Colonial Marines" shows us that there's more scares to come for "Aliens" fans. Check it out!

"Aliens: Colonial Marines" will be in stores February 12, 2013. 

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