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You Know it's Bad When People are Literally Killing Each Other over Arguments about 'The Walking Dead'

Last year, right around the time that I started my blog in October, I went to an ill-fated Halloween party at my BFF Razor's house. I was sitting on the couch, talking with friends that I hadn't seen in about six months or so. Things were going great until I brought up the ironic fact that "Zombieland" was originally a TV show that was made into a movie, and that it was once again (at the time) about to become a TV show. Talk about a crazy cycle.

There was a drunken, most likely high, idiot at the party that I've never met before. He barged into the discussion and loudly declared that it couldn't be done. You can't have a ZOMBIE TV show and have it be successful. Especially "Zombieland."

I immediately interjected and told him that yes, in fact you could. "The Walking Dead" is a perfect example of such a thing. Not to mention the fact that the narrative of said movie was set up in an episodic format. I mean come on,  it was even called, "Zombie kill of the week."

We went back and forth for a while, and he soon ran out of intelligent things to say to counter my argument with and began to personally insult me, at which point I stood up and got in his face. I honestly was about to punch him, I was that mad.

But, I realized that I didn't want to be the one to start a fight at my BFF's house. (Which was a good thing, because several of my guy friends were ready to pounce if I so much as shoved the man. It would've been ugly.)

So instead of punching him in the mug, I glared at him a moment and thought it over, going through all the possible reactions that could happen to me, a short 5'3" gal, after shoving an angry drunken man and calling him really nasty names.

I settled on slapping him and calling him an ass. After slapping the jerk, I then went and sat back down, effectively ending the conversation. I didn't escalate the conflict by shoving him over furniture and starting a drunken brawl at a friend's house because damn it, it just wasn't worth it. HE wasn't worth it.

Unfortunately, there are some people that let a Walking Dead argument escalate to the point of physical, life threatening violence.

Such is the case of Jared Gurman and his girlfriend Jessica.

Apparently, Jared and Jessica had gone out on Sunday night and they got into an argument about "The Walking Dead." According to a local law enforcement officer Lt. Raymond Cote, Jared felt adamant that there could be a "type of military mishap that would result in some sort of virus or something being released that could cause terrible things to happen," i.e. the zombie apocalypse.

His girlfriend said that she thought it was ridiculous. And it is.

I mean come on, it's pretty darn obvious that the military of "The Walking Dead" had nothing to do with the disease that causes dead people to reanimate and then relentlessly pursue the living in order to consume their flesh.

If the military did indeed create a zombie virus, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) would've had a vaccine, or at least some knowledge of the disease and how it works. But the CDC didn't know about the virus because it wasn't a bio-weapon created by the U.S. military. It's a new disease that has infected the entire world, and the people who aren't sick are carriers of the virus. When they die, they become walkers, hence the title "The Walking Dead."

Do you remember, way back in the first season of "The Walking Dead," in episode 105: "Wildfire" where Rick and the gang from Atlanta finally get to the CDC  building and meet the infamous Dr. Jenner? You know, the last remaining scientist who was desperately working on a cure for the zombie plague and had slowly gone insane in the process?

Yeah, he outright said that they had no idea what the disease was or where it came from.  All he knew was that it spread incredibly fast and it is 100 percent lethal if you are bitten by a walker. (The fever that kills you could be caused by deadly bacteria spread by the bite of a dead man, but that's a debate for another time).

If you are a carrier, the disease lies dormant in your body until you die, upon which time it becomes active and reanimates your body.  Everyone is infected. Everyone will become a walker.

Unfortunately for Jessica, she couldn't counter Jared's opinion with enough facts to convince him that he was wrong. And instead of just dropping the topic and letting the idiot think his stupid idiotic thoughts while knowing deep down that she was right and he was wrong, the both of them kept up the heated debate. When she decided that she had enough of his crap and went to go spend the night at her mother's house, they began arguing via text messages.

Then, for some ungodly reason, even though she knew that he was pissed off and highly irrational, she thought it'd be best to go back to his apartment and try to smooth things over.

When she got there her boyfriend was sitting on the steps holding a rifle. She tried to calm him down and get him to just go to bed. (Which is dumb too. A seriously angry guy with a gun is not someone that can be talked to rationally. And clearly, this man isn't very rational even when he isn't so pissed off.) As she walked up the stairs past him to get him to go with her, he shot her in the back. The bullet pierced her lung and diaphragm and shattered her ribs.

Now, Jared claims that the gun "just went off." That it was an accident.

However, if he actually is such a huge fan of "The Walking Dead " TV show, he'd know not to aim a gun at someone unless you're going to shoot them, because Sheriff's Deputy Rick Grimes says not to. It's dangerous and you could kill them. But I guess he missed that part too.

The lessons to be learned here are plain:
Even if the person is wrong, some fan boys are so emotionally attached to works of fiction that they take everything dead serious, in the worse possible way. This means that some arguments can't be won, simply because the person who is incorrect cannot accept the fact that they are wrong.

Also, don't put your back to an angry man holding a loaded gun. That's freaking dangerous. I don't care how important that person is to you or how much you mean to them, anger overrides all logic and makes people act compulsively, which is in my own humble opinion, why she got shot.

My advice to any of you who find yourself in a similar situation:
Don't allow an argument about a TV show get so out of hand that it escalates to lethal, physical violence.

Be the better man (or woman) and fight the urge to seriously harm the idiot. Instead, just slap that stupid man that is insulting you and walk away.

That's what I did and there was no blood on the floor as an end result, just a bruised ego.

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