Monday, December 17, 2012

The Horror MMORPG 'The Secret World' No Longer Requires a Subscription to Play

"The Secret World" horror MMORPG is now a buy-to-play game, which means, once you pay $30 to buy the game, you can play it. There are no restrictions that diminish the game play experience. After purchasing the game, you can play all the story-lines and all available content without a monthly fee. If you buy the game now, you will get the next DLC that is going to be released in January 2013, for free as well.

There are no subscriptions or catches to this deal. You will be able to access all of the content that is currently available, such as the play fields, missions, lairs, raid participation, abilities and equipment.

"The Secret World" is a massively multiplayer online role playing game set in a modern dark, urban fantasy world where every conspiracy theory, urban legend and myth is real. You play as a hero that will participate in a future war between good and evil by fighting dark horrors and monsters that threaten the modern world.

Your character belongs to one of the three ancient secret societies- the Dragons, the Illuminati, and the Templars- that are forced into an alliance when monstrous forces and evil beings begin to invade and take over locations that are spread out across the globe.

This horror game has it all, from zombies to Deep Ones from H.P. Lovecraft's Chthulhu Mythos.  In addition to Lovecraft, inspiration for the game setting and storylines include the novels of Stephen King and the Indiana Jones movies.

It features story-driven quests that doesn't rail-road you into doing very specific or tedious tasks. Every mission in the game is a storyline, so even while you may not know why someone may take the time so leave a trail of cryptic clues in the beginning of the quest, by the end, you will find the answer and the reason behind it all.

Some of the quests or missions involve quasi-alternate reality games, which require players to investigate things on the Internet with an in-game browser. I think that this is a nice touch that gives a nod to the AR games that several different Slenderman Youtube series creators have made for their viewers.

For more information, head over to the official website of "The Secret World."

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