Wednesday, December 19, 2012

'Marble Hornets' Writers to Join the New 'Slender' Video Game Development Team

The Slender Man video game, "Slender" is a freeware video game where you have to walk through a dark woods, armed with only a flashlight with limited battery power to help you find eight hidden pages while attempting to avoid being seen and caught by Slender Man. 

The video game was so successful, that the man behind Parsec Productions, Mark Hadley , has decided to do a full remake of the game to make it a more fleshed out experience called "Slender: The Arrival." Back in September, Parsec Productions teamed up with Blue Isle Entertainment for the development of the game. Now, the "Slender" team has got Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage and Tim Sutton, the geniuses behind the very scary Marble Hornets Youtube Slender Man series, to join them and help them create a more powerful, terrifying storyline for the game. 

They plan on taking the best elements from "Slender" and expanding and improving them for the remake. The sound, visuals and levels will all be improved, as they are creating the game code from scratch using the Unity engine.

According to the "Slender: The Arrival" website, they are planning on launching a Steam Greenlight campaign in the future and the game will be sold on other popular game download services on the Internet. It will be for PC and Mac, and depending on how thing go for them, they may develop XBOX 360, PS3, and mobile versions of the game. How cool is that?

Right now, they are planning on releasing the new version, titled "Slender: The Arrival" sometime in early 2013, at a price somewhere under $20.

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