Friday, November 23, 2012

Tyreese and Morgan to Appear on "The Walking Dead" Later This Season!

With the roster of characters on "The Walking Dead" constantly changing, it's inevitable that every once in a while, there is the addition of characters that fans have been waiting to see.

Two characters in particular that are going to be appearing in the second half of the third season include Morgan Jones from the first season of the TV series, and Tyreese, a fan favorite from the comic book.

While many fans were cheering for Merle and demanding his return, I for one, wanted to see more of Morgan Jones and his son Duane.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator Robert Kirkman said that both Micheal Rooker and Lennie James, the actor that plays Morgan, brought a lot of credit to the first season and that they're absolutely dying to work those guys back into the show. Kirkman added that, "It's not something we're going to forget. We're not going to abandon these characters."

Sure enough, Merle Dixon (played by Micheal Rooker), has returned to "The Walking Dead" as a regular actor for Season 3. So it only stands to reason that Morgan shall be making a come back as well.

Lennie James had confirmed that he wanted to return to the show in June 2012. The wiki for "The Walking Dead" states that Morgan is supposed to return to the show in Season 3. According to a call sheet for the show which had Axel and Oscar's names on it, Morgan's name was also listed. It is unknown at this time as to when he will appear, or what his character will be doing, but it is clear that he will be back this season.

Morgan is a character from the comic series that was introduced in the first season of "The Walking Dead."

Another character from the comics to come to the TV series is Tyreese.

Tyreese is scheduled to appear in Episode 308, "Made to Suffer," the mid-season finale scheduled to air on December 2, 2012. During the episode, Rick is preparing to confront the Governor (and hopefully rescue Glenn and Maggie).

According to Daily Dead, Chad Coleman from "The Wire" will be playing the part of Tyreese. Since the character is an important one for the events that occurred in the prison and Woodbury in the comic series, it makes sense that he would appear while the characters are in those locations in the TV series.

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