Thursday, September 13, 2012

'The Walking Dead' Facebook Ap

The Walking Dead's Facebook page just reached over 10 million fans. Add to that the new Facebook ap, "The Walking Dead Social Game" and you have one heck of a good undead time on your hands.

"The Walking Dead Social Game" is like "FarmVille," for zombie killers. You get to make your own custom character and interact with Shane and the other survivors at the camp located outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

The Facebook ap started last month, and they've already made some improvements, the biggest being the fact that you can get back some energy by killing walkers or picking up supplies while at camp. The first week was the roughest, as there wasn't enough energy to complete some missions, and the servers were really bogged down with the amount of people playing the game. They've increased the amount of servers and the energy, so you can play the game longer.

The game's RPG elements gives you skill points when you gain experience. These points can be spent on filling up the slots for the five skills: vision, stamina, movement, striking and shooting. Each new level of a skill requires three or more skill points to be spent in order for them to be gained.

The Facebook ap by Eyes Wide Games is a turn-based strategy game with a simple fight mechanics. You equip a weapon prior to setting out on a quest, and then when you encounter a walker, you click on it to engage in combat. A sweeping reticle moves across the walker's head and you click when it lines up with it. The closer the reticle is to the head, the better the kill.

Combat is close or ranged, depending on the weapon. Of course, the weapons are only good for a certain amount of time before they need to be repaired, and it's easy to run out of ammo, so use it wisely.

Initial game play has you setting up and building camp fortifications, while going out of missions to fetch supplies and kill walkers that are getting too close to camp. After a while, you will have the option to take other people with you on your missions. If you do, they will take up some of your energy (or turns) during game play, so keep that in mind, as it can hamper you and prevent you from finishing a mission if you go all willy-nilly and have your team of characters run all over the play to explore the area while searching for food.

There are TV items available for purchase in the store, like weapons such as Daryl's crossbow, Shane's 9mm pistol, Glenn's combat shotgun and Rick's elite revolver. TV missions that are based on the TV series on AMC will be available in the fall so fans can experience events for themselves.

The main objective of "The Walking Dead Social Game," is to stay alive and defend the camp from walkers. By adding your Facebook friends, you can help each other out and defend their camp while they are off-line.

Speaking of Facebook friends, I do have a Facebook page. If you're interested in having people join you in playing "The Walking Dead Social Game," stop by my Facebook page and send me a friend request. I'd be more than happy to join in on the walker slaying fun.

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