Thursday, September 27, 2012

'The Strain' TV Series is a Go!

Recently it was announced that Guillermo del Toro has gotten the cable TV channel FX to green light a TV series for "The Strain." The New York Times best seller is about one man's race to stop a vampire apocalypse.

Needless to say, I'm totally geeked up about the fact that del Toro's book series is coming to television. The vampires of "The Strain" trilogy are some of the most unique monsters that I have come across in quite some time. Not only are they deadly, but the virus spread by a parasitic worm species is highly virulent and spreading rapidly through New York City.

When I first heard about "The Strain," I found the (now defunct) promotional website and saw a live action sequence of investigators walking up to a padlocked shut shed, where a pale bald man was chained up. The man looked very ill. When he was spoken to, his jaw opened up and a stinger whipped out to hit the investigators. The promo video looked so cool and was so well done that I thought that it was for a movie that del Toro was working on.  Unfortunately, it was only a teaser video for the book series.

Latin stated that "The Strain" was originally meant to be a TV show, but was made into a book trilogy when del Toro found that he couldn't get any channels to purchase it. Thankfully, the success of the series has changed the minds of some media moguls.

According to Screen, del Toro said that Fox directly commissioned a pilot of "The Strain" series and skipped the screenplay and development process entirely, which is a very encouraging sign. "The Strain" series is currently slated to be three to five seasons in length. Considering the amount of material present in the trilogy, the writers should have no problem whatsoever coming up with plots for a great number of episodes.

Del Toro is going to direct and be the executive producer of the pilot episode. Chuck Hogan, co-author of the series, will also co-write the scripts for the show. Carlton Cuse, one of the authors of "Lost," will be one of the main writers of the series.

"The Strain" TV series is Guillermo del Toro's first green lit American TV series. He aims to direct as many episodes as he can throughout the life of the series, during his downtime between directing films.

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