Monday, September 10, 2012

Give Kids a Free Copy of 'Plants vs. Zombies' this Halloween!

I have a confession to make. I love "Plants vs. Zombies." I really, really do. I love it so much so that I've beaten the game on my Nintendo 3DS three times now and am moving on to play it on my PC. As you can imagine, I was absolutely delighted when I learned that I can give away coupons for free copies of the game on Halloween to the trick-or-treaters.  Awesome!

There are three main reasons as to why I love "Plants vs. Zombies:" the artistic style, the strategic defense tower game mechanics, and the whimsical sense of humor of the game developers.

"Plants vs. Zombies" has achieved the perfect balance between simplicity of game design and how hard it is to play. The strategic defense tower game mechanics is easy enough for young kids to learn, and yet learning how to set the best mix of plant combinations to ward off the zombies is complex enough that most adults will find playing the game to be a fun challenge. 

During game play, you set different types of plants on the playing field--the front or back yard of your house-- and use them to stop the zombie hoards from getting inside and eating YOUR BRAINS!

Oh no! I need me brains!

This Halloween, the American Dental Association has partnered up with Popcap Games in their effort to fight tooth decay. Their plan: instead of offering candy to the costume wearing, candy bag bearing kidlets that appear at your door, give them coupons for a free copy of "Plants vs. Zombies." That way you can give kids a fun treat that they can enjoy for hours, instead of the seconds it takes to devour their Halloween candy, and you won't be promoting the formation of tooth cavities. That's a win-win situation in my book.

Participating dentist offices will have limited-edition collectible trading cards and the code for a free download of "Plants vs. Zombies."

Coupons for a free copy of "Plants vs. Zombies" can be redeemed from October 30 to November 10, 2012. Once you get a coupon with a free download code on it, go to and enter it to get your copy of the game.

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