Thursday, August 9, 2012

XBOX 360 Owners Won't Be Getting a Patch for 'Silent Hill HD Collection'

On August 8, 2012  at 7:31 p.m. Konami announced on their Facebook page that there won't be a patch to fix the glitches in the XBOX 360 version of the "Silent Hill HD Collection."  Here's the announcement:

A new patch for Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3) is now available for download via PlayStation®Network. Included in the update are corrections to frame rate, audio-syncing, and other reported issues. Plans for a Xbox 360 patch have been cancelled due to technical issues and resources.

We deeply and sincerely apologize to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the Xbox 360 version of the game.

I kind of had a hunch that something like this would happen. Earlier announcements by Tomm Huelett stated that they only had a certain amount of money to spend on working on a patch for "Silent Hill HD Collection." Once the cash ran out, their work on a patch stopped. It's as simple as that.

The  main reason why the XBOX 360 patch wasn't made was because that version of the game actually works. I wanted to kick myself for buying the PS3 version when I learned that the XBOX 360 version worked just fine. Thankfully, the PS3 version is fixed now.

The biggest complaint about the XBOX 360 version that I've come across lately is that the game freezes once a player gets all of the achievements. Which is annoying, but I'm sure that it's a problem that most people can live with, unless they are achievement hounds like my S.O. Shane Strange. Seriously, I still don't get the obsession with getting all the achievements for every single game you own on the system. I'm told it's got something to do with earning "gaming cred" (whatever that is) by having a high gamerscore. I look at it as just another way to earn meaningless points, like frequent flier miles; they don't do anything but they sure look impressive.

OK, enough ranting about achievements. This announcement is still a hard blow to XBOX 360 owners who were looking forward to their game being fixed.

Overall, I'd say that the "Silent Hill HD Collection" snafu has to be one of Konami's biggest mistakes and the way that it was handled was unprofessional and an insult to Silent Hill fans everywhere.

I hope that the mistakes that Konami made with two of the most beloved games from the Silent Hill series will not be made by other companies, or by Konami in the future. If anything, the atrocious glitches present in "Silent Hill HD Collection" has provided an important learning opportunity for the gaming industry.

The lesson learned by gamers: Never get rid of old copies of your games or your old consoles. You never know when a company is going to try to make a port of a game and totally screw it up.

The lesson to be learned by video game companies: Never get rid of old copies of your game files. You need them to port them onto new video game consoles. If you don't have them, hire someone to reverse engineer the computer code and then create a new version of the game. Don't use half finished files from an incomplete version of a game to make a new port! The end result is disastrous.

And Konami, don't let the dog run the company anymore. Mira is making a total mess of things.

Seriously, how else could things be so totally messed up in Konami land? It can't be Tomm Huelett or his boss's fault. It has to be the dog. Mira needs to be fired before another video game gets hurt.

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