Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top 13 Funniest Silent Hill Memes

You know, it's actually harder to find funny Silent Hill memes than one might think. So, to save you the trouble, I've scoured the Internet and posted the top 13 funniest Silent Hill memes for you. Enjoy!

13. Silent Kombat

12. The Seal of Metatron 

by Deviant Art user Srta-Uchiha

11. Yay! Pyramid Head

10. Stupid Harry

9. Fwoosh! Cheryl!
by Deviant Art user Morikins

8. Adventure Time with Finn and Pyramid Head
by Deviant Art user ManiacalArtist

7. Fwoosh! Henry! 
by Deviant Art user JohannesIII

6. My oh my, look at the time!

5. Cardboard Box Head= Silent Hill Fail

4. Heh. Stupid James. 

3. Silent Derp

2. Bloody Chairs are Liars

1. Harry Mason, Boy Wizard

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