Monday, August 13, 2012

Konami Offers Meek Compensation to XBOX 360 Owners for Poorly Made "Silent Hill HD Collection"

So, to add insult to injury,  Konami announced on Friday, August 10 2012 on their official Facebook page that anyone from North and South America who purchased a copy of "Silent Hill HD Collection" for XBOX 360 and kept the receipt can exchange it for one of their other titles.

Yeah. Sorry your game doesn't work. I know we really messed up. Here's a consolation prize:

Yep. It seems like they are offering just about any title they can think of for an exchange, including games from old gen consoles like Nintendo DS, PS2 and XBOX.

None of the games offered seem anything to get too excited about if you are a horror gamer, except maybe "Castlevania Lord of Shadows" or the glitch-filed monstrosity that is "Silent Hill Downpour," which I might add, still has a patch in the works that may be released sometime this year.

Rely On Horror has a complete list of the games that you can get in exchange for your broken copy of "Silent Hill HD Collection" which, ironically enough, does include the PS3 version of "Silent Hill HD Collection" and  "Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams" for XBOX. 

Here's the deal:
If you are an XBOX 360 owner and you purchased the "Silent Hill HD Collection" on or prior to August 8, 2012, you can exchange your copy for another Konami title as long as you have a copy of your receipt of purchase. The receipt of purchase must be from a "recognized retailer" (You know, brick and mortar stores such as Game Stop, Best Buy, Target and the like. This might include Amazon, but I'm not 100% sure on that one) in order for you to qualify for the exchange program.

Contact Konami's customer support by sending an email to (or you can call them at 310-220-8330) and tell them that you want to exchange your copy of "Silent Hill HD Collection" for XBOX 360 for another title. Konami's Customer Support is available Monday through Friday, between 8:30am PST and 5pm PST.

The exchange offer is only available from now until October 7, 2012, so if you want in on it, you should send them an e-mail today to ensure that you get your shipping label and can mail your game to them on time.

But, there's a catch.

Like anything else that Konami has said lately, this announcement is couched with iffy words. In this case it's, "the offer is valid only for the "Silent Hill HD Collection" (XBOX 360 version) and is subject to availability." To me that means that they have a limited supply of the titles listed for the exchange and if you select one that they no longer have in supply, you might be stuck with a different game. Or you might not get any at all.

And of course, this meek compensation doesn't include any customers that aren't located in the Americas. So Silent Hill fans in Europe, South Africa, Australia and anywhere else the HD Collection was sold suffer a bigger loss than we do. 

Way to go Konami. I can't believe the low quality of customer service you are providing. It's like the head of the company just doesn't care about Silent Hill any more because it's more popular in the U.S. than in Japan, and the Western fans located elsewhere in the world don't mean squat to them.

Hey, it's been made perfectly clear to us that you don't care about your franchise, so why don't you sell the product license and all of its rights to a company that will actually give it the care it deserves, and wash your hands clean of this mess once and for all?

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