Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New 'The Walking Dead' Video Game in 2013!

"The Walking Dead" video game is going to be a first person shooter featuring Daryl and Merle Dixon that follows the events that take place after the zombie outbreak, prior to their meeting up with the rest of the group. 

Contrary to what a lot of people have been reporting, it's Terminal Reality, not Activision that developed "The Walking Dead" first person shooter video game. Activision is the publisher of the game and will be releasing it in stores for you to purchase. Terminal Reality is a studio of video game developers that made the video games "Nocturne," "BloodRayne" and "Ghostbusters: The Video Game."

"The Walking Dead" video game features badass Daryl Dixon and his overbearing big brother Merle. It takes place in Georgia during the initial zombie outbreak, prior to their meeting up with the rest of the group. In the video game Daryl  and  Merle have to fight their way through the zombie hordes on their way to Atlanta, where the military is supposed to be keeping people safe from the zombie plague. (It isn't.)

Creative Director of Terminal Reality, Drew Haworth , said in a press released that "[Terminal Reality] is made up of fans of the show, and we think other fans will see that the situations and the walkers featured in our game are every bit as gruesome and shocking as they are in the TV series-- they look, move and react as expected with full authenticity-- and they will surprise you. The player's fight-or-flight survival instinct is constantly engaged." The walkers will hunt down players and use sight, sound and smell to track Daryl and Merle. Once they are found, their actions will attract an unstoppable horde of walkers.

Terminal Reality promises that this will be a do-whatever-you-need-to-survive first-person shooter action game, which reflects the life and death situations that Daryl and Merle lived through in order to make it to the city. In the game you will have to hunt for food, medical supplies, ammunition and other resources and ration them. So you need to not only have quick reflexes, but a good head on your shoulders to ensure that things last for as long as they can.

And of course, Daryl will meet people on his journey to Atlanta that may be helpful, or out to kill him. No one is safe to be around.

It's a good thing that Daryl has his trusty crossbow with him.

"The Walking Dead" video game will be released in 2013 for PC, PS3 and XBOX360. You can pre-order your copy from Amazon and Gamestop at The Walking Dead

Watch the trailer to "The Walking Dead" video game below!

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