Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The New 'Silent Hill HD Collection' Patch for PS3 is Out Now!

Back in May, Konami announced that they were working on a patch to fix all of the bugs present in the "Silent Hill HD Collection" and it looks like they've just made good on their promise.

Yesterday, Tomm Hulett announced that the new patch for the PlayStation 3 version of "Silent Hill HD Collection" is available for download on the Silent Hill Community Forum. He stated that the patch improves the frame rate issues, adds sound and music where it was missing from the game and fixes the fog density problems.

The fog was one of the most notable things wrong with the HD version SH2; it was pulled back so much that when wandering the streets in "Silent Hill 2" it revealed where the background stopped and was no longer rendered.

Here's an example of the fog problems in "Silent Hill 2." The right side column has screen shots of a scene at Toluca Lake from the original version of the game, the left side column is the same scene from the HD Collection.

Thankfully, this is no longer a problem. 

Hulett also stated that the new patch is supposed to fix other minor visual and audio problems as well.

It has not been revealed if the water effect problems have been resolved but I'm assuming that it works right now since the fog has been fixed.

I popped in my copy of "Silent Hill HD Collection" for PS3 today and downloaded the new 350 MG patch. I tested it to see if it actually worked by playing through the intros of both "Silent Hill 2" and "Silent Hill 3" (the first 20 minutes of each game) and as far as I can see, the majority of the problems have been fixed. No longer is there such terrible frame rate that it forces the game to slow to a crawl and makes it utterly unplayable.

The fog in SH2 is much, much better and more like how it used to be in the original game. It seems like the "clean" appearing streets and buildings have had their graphics fixed as well, as layers of detail that were missing are now back in the game.  My only complaint is that there is still a pause when you exit from the map screen and re-enter the game, but I'm pretty sure it was like that in the original version of SH2. I may have to dig out my old copy and check it out.

Another good thing the new patch does is change the monster and character sound effects back to the original noises. In SH2 the Lying Figure monsters that skitter across the streets and appear in the apartment complex now sound like they used to and James no longer makes that weird wheezing sound. He now lightly pants as someone would when they are out of breath, the way he did in the original version of the game.

"Silent Hill 3" has had its frame rate fixed and overall the graphics are much better. The color and lighting issues have been resolved and now there's only an occasional missing self-shadowing of characters, which really doesn't detract from game play in the slightest. Heck, I didn't even notice it until my S.O. Shane Strange pointed it out.

There are still some instances of strange music playing for the monsters at times, but honestly, only someone who is as obsessed with the soundtrack of SH3 as I am would notice it.

Overall, both Silent Hill games on the PS3 "Silent Hill HD Collection" are now playable, which is good news to all of those fans who bought a copy in March and were seriously disappointed.

There hasn't been any mention yet of the XBOX 360 version of the "Silent Hill HD Collection" getting another patch, but since that version had less problems than PS3, it's understandable that the PlayStation 3 version would be worked on and released first.

As soon as I find out when the XBOX 360 patch for "Silent HD Collection" is released, I'll be sure to let you  know.

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  1. I remember James' weird noise.
    It sounded like a cat trying to cough up a hairball and failing.