Friday, July 6, 2012

Can a Zombie Economy Save Detroit?

As a denizen of the Metro Detroit area I know that it's no big secret that Detroit is a run-down city with a bad reputation. Between a dwindling population and an inability of local politicians to eliminate the taint of corruption that prevents even the most simplest of bills to be put into place, it's no wonder that entrepreneurs like Marc Siwak have jumped on the zombie apocalypse bandwagon.

In one of the most optimistic views that I've come across as a future vision of Detroit, Siwak wants to take the abandoned buildings and transform them from a legal liability into a profitable opportunity for Detroit called Z World.

Z World would make lemonade from the lemons and transform abandoned homes and factories into an apocalyptic landscape. 

Marc Siwak's company, Z World Detroit LLC, plans to resurrect the derelict abandoned homes and factories by converting the landscape into a large zombie themed amusement park/tourist attraction called Z World. One thing's for sure, the run-down buildings  would create the appropriate atmosphere required for a zombie apocalypse survival experience.

Overgrown vegetation, crumbling buildings and cracked pavement; the perfect setting for the zombie apocalypse.

When Z World Detroit LLC raises enough funds, they will use the money to locate the ideal sights for the zombie adventure park where they will build a wall around the area and enhance the infrastructure-- i.e. fix the roads, sidewalks, bridges, power lines and I assume buildings that need to be repaired in order for them to be safe to hide in.

The idea is to make a trip to Z World an overnight adventure for zombie enthusiasts. It will take place in a walled-in area of the abandoned city where you are chased through the streets by zombies, which I think  might actually be kind of fun. The idea is to give people Velcro backed badges that zombies can easily pull off without harming your clothing. When your badge is removed, you become one of the walking dead and join the shambling horde and get to chase your friends.

If successful, Z World would bring business back to hotels and local restaurants (most of which are absolutely fantastic). Heck, you could make a week of it and spend one night at Z World and the rest of the week visiting the art and science museums or fishing at the docks of the Detroit River International Refuge. You could even catch a ball game at the new Tiger's Stadium or head across the river and visit Windsor, Canada. There's even some really great nightclubs tucked into the most unsuspecting places downtown, such as the Industrial goth scene known as City Club.

If you love zombies and want something that lasts longer than a short zombie walk I highly suggest that you help support Marc Siwak's  endeavor  to create Z World by visiting their Indie GoGo Page and donating what you can.

For more information and to read an interview with Marc Siwak visit here.

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