Friday, June 1, 2012

Dead Space 3 Preview Pictures

Today EA announced that they will reveal much more about Dead Space 3 during E3 next week on June 4th at 1 p.m. Pacific time.

So far, we have learned that "Dead Space 3" takes place on an ice planet and will have single and co-op player story modes. In the co-op mode Isaac Clarke will be joined by a mysterious man with a facial scar, which may be John Carver, the character that was revealed in the motion comic.

According to IGN, the co-op mode game play experience will have the typical co-op features, such as working together to interact with the environment (i.e. solve puzzles, open doors), sharing ammunition and healing the other player after they have been injured.

There will also be improvement to the overall game mechanics with Isaac's new found ability to hide and crouch behind objects during combat. Amazing!

"Dead Space 3" is slated for a 2013 fiscal year release, which means that it will be out in stores by March 31st.

Check out the "Dead Space 3" preview pictures!

I also came across a great video today from Game Trailers that features the Dead Space developers talking about their video game. What is really heartening to me is to hear them talk about how important it is to make the story of a survival horror game as detailed as possible to create a truly terrifying experience.

Watch the Dead Space Developer Diary below!

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