Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to Make Movie Monsters and Prosthetics: Stan Winston School of Character Arts

As an avid horror movie buff, I've always been curious as to how special effects artists make their monsters and create moving prosthetics, such as tails, tentacles and so on. Well, I just came across this really neat introductory video on the Stan Winston School website that shows just how it is done, and gives a list of items needed in order to make one. How cool is that?

Stan Winston School of Character Arts teaches students the artistry and science of making character prosthetics and animatronics. The Stan Winston School now has educational videos for sale, either with a streaming video subscription or DVD for those of us that do not live in Hollywood and want to learn the art of making movie monsters. It's really interesting to see how the masters create traditional monster makeup and working animatronics.  These videos teach people not only how to make latex prosthetics for zombies, but how to effectively combine cutting edge practical and digital (CG effects) effects to create realistic, mind blowing monsters for movies.

Watch Richard Landon Make Cable-controlled Tentacles!

Watch Zombie Prosthetic Designer Howard Berger talk about his art!

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