Monday, April 9, 2012

The Walking Dead: The Game Available for Pre-Order!

"The Walking Dead: The Game" will be available for XBOX 360, PS3 and PC. You can pre-order a PC copy of the entire Season of "The Walking Dead: The Game" from Telltale Games for $22.49 here or you can purchase it for $5 per episode starting with Episode One later this month.

Keep reading for more for information and a video of actual game play footage!

The game features Lee Everett, an escaped convict, who decides to protect a little girl named Clementine during the initial zombie outbreak in Atlanta.

There will also be other characters in the game that are from the TV show and the comic, such as Glenn, Hershel and Lilly. If you don't recognize the character models, it's because they were based on the art from the comics and not the actors from the show.

According to IGN's article "Reasons to Dig the Walking Dead: The Game" the game play and pacing are pretty spot on. You have an opportunity to get to know the characters and the suspense appears to be kept at a high level as the walkers come for your flesh. The game mechanics seem a bit iffy to me, but I suppose that once you get a hang of the strange flower petal like reticle that you use to manipulate objects in the game that it's not that bad. 

"The Walking Dead: The Game" has some RPG elements in it, such as dialog choice. During game play you have a choice of four responses during each character interaction. What you choose to say affects how the other characters feel about you and at times, who lives and who dies. Multiple options means that you can play the "Episodes" several times and experience different game events when you make different choices.

Watch Robert Kirkman talk about the game and see some game play footage!

Watch the teaser trailer for "The Walking Dead: The Game!"

For more information, head over to Telltale Games' website to watch interviews with Robert Kirkman and the game developers.

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