Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Top Two Funniest Blair Witch Parodies

While I was digging around the Internet doing research for my "Lovely Molly" post, I came across the top two funniest parodies of "The Blair Witch Project" that I've ever seen.  The first one is a Scooby Doo parody that I remember airing on Cartoon Network in 1999. The second, and by far the funnier of the two, is a Muppet parody called "The Bear Wit Project." I was laughing so hard by the time I got done watching it that I just had to share it.

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  1. Remember seeing spoof of Blair Witch Project ,,was called Blair Bitch Project,,it was on Showtime a few years back,,anyone know where I can get the DVD>>>???

  2. From your comment, you are either looking for "The Blair Witch Project starring Linda Blair," or the "Bare Wench Project" starring buxom bare chested sorority babes.

    If you are looking for the Linda Blair Witch Project, it is not available on DVD as it was never released in that format.

    The "Bare Wench Project," however, is available on DVD. It can be purchased on, with the price starting at $20 for a used copy, and ending at around $50 for a brand new copy.

    Here's the link: