Monday, March 12, 2012

New Prometheus Trailer!

There is a new "Prometheus" trailer out this week and I have to admit, it makes it look like the movie is going to be utterly fantastic! The trailer has what appears to be a precursor jelly-fish thing that may have been what the facehuggers were before they reached their final form in the "Aliens" series. It even has a giant alien Space Jockey at the end of the trailer! (The Space Jockey is the nickname of the giant skeletal remains of an alien that was discovered by the Nostromo crew in "Alien.") How cool is that?

Here's a shot of the "Space Jockey" from "Alien."
 "Prometheus" takes place 30 years before the events in the movie "Alien." Ridley Scott said that the back-story of the Space Jockey has never been touched by the "Alien" franchise and that "Prometheus" will explore its origins. He has hinted that the Space Jockey wasn't an alien's skeleton, but a spacesuit of an alien pilot in an ancient crashed spaceship. The xenomorph eggs (which hatch the xenomorph's initial form, the facehugger)  that the Nostromo crew comes across when they find the Space Jockey are actually biological weapons the ship was carrying. This means that the xenomorphs were either being transported to an alien army base or were being taken somewhere to be sold as a weapon. Either way, it's pretty creepy and clever if you ask me. You can read more about the Space Jockey here.

In another piece of good news, has revealed that some of the production design of the movie was supervised by the original "Alien" concept artists H.R. Giger! Squeee!!!

"Prometheus" will be in theaters July 8, 2012.

Watch the new "Prometheus" trailer below!

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