Monday, March 26, 2012

Looking Ahead to Season 3 of The Walking Dead

After the climactic (and satisfying) ending of Season 2 of "The Walking Dead" looking ahead to Season 3 we know that:

1. The group will no longer be on Hershel' farm, because it's been overrun by walkers.
Yay! I hope this means that the plot won't drag on like it did for the first half of Season 2. The search for Sophia took way too long considering that the undead girl was hiding in plain sight in the barn the entire time. The farm also gave the writers an excuse to really drag out the developing relationships between the characters. This resulted in major plot points taking far too long to occur and really ruined the overall pacing of the show.

2. The Governor and the prison will be the main focus of the overall story line. 
While the Governor is allegedly a fan favorite, I have heard mixed reviews about his story arc in the comic. I guess we'll have to wait and see what they do with the character. I wonder what they will keep from the comics and what they'll do differently?

3. Lori will continue to make bad choices. 
In an interview Glen Mazarra revealed that he can be blamed for her ridiculous actions.  "I mean I know a lot of people don't like Lori, but I enjoy writing her, I write a lot for her."  So all of the stupid things that she does-- it's all his fault. (Well... mostly. But seriously? She is the most annoying and incompetent character of the show and at times, she's even worse than Andrea. Can't you do better than that?)  According to Mazarra: In the last episode of Season 2, "When Lori is horrified by Rick's confession , yes, she is upset a man she loved was killed but more importantly, that man was killed by another man she loves and she was a catalyst... She is horrified by her own culpability and is projecting that self-hatred onto Rick."

So, in other words, Lori pretty much came out and told Rick that she was terrified of Shane and that he needs to kill him to protect his family. So Rick did just that. And now, Lori decides that she actually loved him and it was a mistake? So she's angry at Rick for doing what she told him to do? Give me a freaking break. I blame you Mazarra. (Though I'm sure there are other writers that have contributed to her actions in the show's scripts that should be blamed as well.)

4. Merle lovers rejoice! 
Kirkman and Micheal Rooker have both confirmed that Merle will be in Season 3 of "The Walking Dead." Whether it is just another hallucination of Daryl's or if it is Mr. Stumpy One-hand in person, only time will tell. I personally don't understand Merle's affect on the fans, or why they want him back so badly, but hey, he's coming back. If it is him in person, it will really stir things up between Daryl and the group.

5. On the road again. 
I thought that one of the things that worked best for Season 1 was the fact that Rick was constantly on the move while searching for his wife and son. Even after he found them, he continued to leave the camp to save people. Making the group stationary provided too much of a false sense of security-- which is why Carl was allowed to just wander off all the time like he did. Lori felt that the farm was safe, so she didn't freak out when he was out of sight. I hope that the fact that they are going to be on the road searching for a safe haven to hole up in to survive the winter will speed things up a bit.

Unfortunately we'll have to wait until next fall to find out what happens to Rick and the group. With the addition to Michonne and the Governor-- two fan favorites from "The Walking Dead" comic -- I have a feeling that Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" is going to be great!

Watch cast members talk about Season 3 below!

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