Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10: 18 Miles Out Preview

In the previews for "The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10: 18 Miles Out" that were aired last Sunday,  Rick and Shane get into a fistfight and are attacked by walkers. Rick is pinned beneath a dead walker and Shane runs away, leaving Rick when a group of walkers comes running after him.

In the second preview aired last Sunday Rick and Shane approach a strange shaped building.  They spot a walker and Shane draws his gun and goes to shoot, but Rick stops him and draws the walker over by cutting his finger and wiping his blood on the chain link fence. When the walker grabs the fence, Rick shoves a knife in its eye and kills it. He is trying to show Shane that there are better ways to do things. Smarter ways. But... why?

I wonder where and what that place is.  Did they go looking for the rest of Randall's group? Is it the prison?  

In the following preview, Maggie talks to Lori about Glenn. Sounds like those two are already having relationship problems.

Watch the preview of Episode 10: 18 Miles Out!

Check out the bonus video montage of all the zombie special effects for Season 2 of "The Walking Dead!"

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