Saturday, February 11, 2012

Songs in the Key of Murder and Free Flash Horror Game

MC Randumb and Jewish Dave have a duo-rap style similar to the Beastie Boys with a theme that is reminiscent of the techno songs by Zombie Girl, except more naughty. They are self described comedy-rap group that make gangsta rap albums about horror and cult B-movies.

Their first album "Wasted Potential Part 2: Duh Mickztayp" is a compilation of their previous EPs, and was released before MC Randumb (Trent Fewkes) moved to New York to pursue his career. Not wishing to give up on their group, he and Jewish Dave (David Rosen) worked together on the Internet to create "Songs in the Key of Murder." It is a concept album with every song about murder and horror movie killers that would make great additions to a slasher movie soundtrack. I'll warn you though, the album has some pretty graphic/explicit language that makes it inappropriate for the kiddies.

While some of the songs are a bit grating (the vocals aren't as in sync as I would have liked) there are some decent rap tracks on the album that make it worth the $5 they are selling it for. You can download the album here

In the future, they will be making a short film that links four music videos with a narrative based on the "Murder Motel" song. Visit MC Randumb and Jewish Dave's Facebook page here for more information.

"Musta Been Murder" Flash Game

MC Randumb and Jewish Dave put out a Flash game "Musta Been Murder" that you can play online for free here. It is a Tetris-esque puzzle game where you have to fit severed body parts into different shaped graves (it is kind of addicting once you get into it). The game is accompanied by instrumental versions of songs from "Songs in the Key of Murder", which are actually pretty good and makes the game safe for the young 'uns to play.

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